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NBA All-Star: Dunk Contest Becomes More Boring Each Year

NBA All-Star: Dunk Contest Becomes More Boring Each Year

Another year goes by and a Dunk Contest stays a problem for a NBA on All-Star weekend, once again incompetent to pull improved or during slightest improved famous players than Giannis Antetokounmpo, Zach LaVine, Victor Oladipo and Mason Plumlee.

The NBA asperse foe is never about a tangible dunks. Sure, saying something strange helps, though it’s about star power, climax and formulating excitement. The list of Antetokounmpo, LaVine, Oladipo and Plumlee competence guarantee us some impracticable dunking, though unequivocally small seductiveness from a reduction zealous NBA fans, those who aren’t basketball junkies, who customarily make adult many of a throng during home and in a stands when examination a All-Star weekend.

Maybe it’s time to throw a competition? Just like a Pro Bowl, a best and biggest don’t make it there anyway. The attempts during changing formats doesn’t unequivocally work, since during a basement of it all, there’s some pivotal part missing. The best players don’t wish to uncover up. It doesn’t even have to be the best, though during slightest some that are a small some-more hype generating. No offense to players who competence be All-Stars in a future, though there’s a prolonged list of players fans would cite to see competing by dunking a round during a moment.

Is a answer a one on one competition? That is a good thought though once again, a fear of being humiliated, not injuries, is going to mount in a approach of a best competing. A Kevin Durant matchup with LeBron James has us all salivating, though only like a fugitive Mayweather and Pacquiao quarrel that only won’t happen, we’re substantially going to have to wait a unequivocally prolonged time before a NBA moves in that instruction and a best, high-profile players determine to participate.

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