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NASA Plans Space Trip To Venus

NASA Plans Space Trip To Venus

NASA Plans Space Trip To Venus

By Kelsey Breunig | Dec 21, 2014 04:53 PM EST


NASA has skeleton to send group to a atmosphere above Venus to establish if a permanent tellurian cluster could tarry in a floating city.

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NASA’s High Altitude Venus Operational Concept (HAVOC) goal will examine a atmosphere of Venus before to promulgation a manned craft, according to IBN Live.

Researchers from a Space Mission Analysis Branch of NASA’s Systems Analysis and Concepts Directorate during Langley Research Center in Virginia trust a goal to Venus creates some-more clarity than one to Mars.

They trust that Venus’ atmosphere offers identical qualities to those of Earth. For example, 50 kilometers above Venus, a gravitational lift is somewhat reduce than Earth and there is usually one atmosphere of pressure. 

Astronauts would not proceed a aspect of Venus since of a volume of vigour and aspect temperatures. Venus can strech 863 degrees Fahrenheit, a heat prohibited adequate to warp lead, The Daily Mail reported.

The HAVOC goal would start with an unmanned airship to Venus, that would examine a atmosphere and collect measurements of heat among other things.

If NASA receives an approval, they will afterwards launch a manned goal with dual astronauts to Venus, where they will live in Venus’ atmosphere for 30 days.

Then NASA would send astronauts on a year-long goal in a atmosphere followed by a investiture of a permanent cluster for tellurian habitation.

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