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Mosque catches glow in southwest Houston

Mosque catches glow in southwest Houston



Authorities have upgraded a review of a Christmas Day glow during a southwest Houston mosque to “incendiary” and cited mixed points of start in a two-alarm glow as suspicious.

“As partial of a inquisitive process, justification is being collected and analyzed; and interviews are being conducted,” a Houston Fire Department pronounced in a recover Saturday. “We wish to encourage a open that we will control a finish and consummate investigation.”

Though a glow department’s arson business is heading a investigation, HFD orator Ruy Lozano said, adding that a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is assisting. “When we’re looking during opposite occupancy types, such a eremite facilities, it’s good to move them in as a partner.”

Community leaders called for a throurough investigation.

“Attacking a place of ceremony is a inhuman act,” U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee said. “I will continue to closely guard a probable rapist review and a reserve of a members of a Mosque. Our faith in amiability will not be intimidated and we mount together opposite any form of assault towards a innocent.”

Because of damage, members of a mosque hold services Saturday in an dull storefront in a same frame core with accede from a landlord.

“Everything is shop-worn inside, solely a copies of a Qur’an, that were miraculously not damaged,” pronounced MJ Khan, boss of a Islamic Society of Greater Houston, that operates a mosque. “We got them out final night.”

He urged village members not to assume about a means of a fire. “Of course, there is sadness, there is anxiety,” he said. “When people don’t know, there are all kinds of concerns.” But he pronounced he took a event during afternoon services Saturday to encourage a community.

Abdul Hafiz initial beheld a glow Friday afternoon when he saw fume rising from a frame core as he sipped a crater of tea and chatted with friends during a restaurant. “Thank God there was no one inside,” he pronounced Friday.

It took about 80 firefighters to extinguish a two-alarm glow that began around 2:45 p.m. during a tiny mosque, a storefront in a Savoy Plaza, nearby Wilcrest Drive and West Bellfort Avenue.

Members of a mosque pronounced images from several digital notice cameras in a ceremony core had been incited over to investigators. Although they wish it was not a box of arson, members pronounced a space is sincerely new and well-maintained.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations pronounced law coercion officials should cruise a “possible disposition motive” for a glow in a matter expelled Friday night. “Because of a new spike in hatred incidents targeting mosques nationwide, we titillate law coercion authorities to examine a probable disposition ground for this fire,” pronounced Mustafaa Carroll, executive of a internal CAIR chapter.

The Anti-Defamation League pronounced it was monitoring a review and had certainty in law coercion officials in a matter Saturday. “This glow is disturbing,” pronounced ADL Associate Director Dena Marks, “and it comes during a time when Muslims in a nation are being targeted some-more and more.”

Members of a mosque pronounced they wish it can be repaired, nonetheless a border of a repairs was not nonetheless clear.

In February, authorities arrested and charged a homeless male with arson in a glow during a southeast Houston Islamic center. Days afterward, a think certified to investigators that he had damaged into a building, set a glow to keep comfortable and left but entirely extinguishing a coals. Leaders of a core after asked authorities not to prosecute a man, observant they had forgiven him.

Staff reporters Brian Rogers and Anita Hassan contributed to this report.


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