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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update is rolling out, though not to phones—yet

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update is rolling out, though not to phones—yet

As expected, Microsoft pronounced Tuesday that a Windows 10 Anniversary Update is commencement to hurl out. Surprisingly, perhaps, Windows phones aren’t on a authorized list.

We found a Windows 10 Anniversary Update to be a certain step forward for users, with estimable updates to features we use a most. Since a AU is a customary update, we unequivocally don’t have to do anything to accept it: It will be downloaded and commissioned automatically.

This time, however, Microsoft’s charity a bit some-more clarity about who’s removing a Anniversary Update first. Traditionally, Microsoft has simply pronounced that updates will be rolled out in phases. Today, however,  Microsoft pronounced in a blog post that a “Windows 10 Anniversary Update is being rolled out to Windows 10 PCs opposite a universe in phases starting with a newer machines first.” 

Why this matters: It’s no warn that a Anniversary Update is rolling out today; Microsoft’s been observant that for weeks. What is disappointing, though, is that Windows phones are lagging behind. We all know that they’re on life support, though this usually adds to a ubiquitous yawn surrounding Windows 10 Mobile.


Here’s what we should see when downloading a Anniversary Update of Windows 10.

How to get a Anniversary Update

If we don’t wish to wait for a update—say, for instance, we have an comparison PC—AU is still easy to obtain. Just go to your Settings Update Security Windows Update menu and click Check for Updates. The Anniversary Update will seem as “Feature refurbish to Windows 10, chronicle 1607.” Remember to check behind and implement it after it downloads, or else it will typically implement someday in a evening, when you’re not regulating your PC. 

(If you’re not formulation on downloading it immediately, remember that a AU download could unequivocally occur during roughly any time. When you’re finished for a night, save your work, and make certain you’re not in a center of stuffing out any web forms, where information won’t be saved in a eventuality of an astonishing reboot.)

Even better, if we click on a Learn More couple only next a refurbish button, you’ll be taken to a support page where we can download a ISO file. That’s accessible if we wish to perform a purify implement from a USB hang onto mixed PCs.

Windows 10 Mobile phones will have to wait

Unfortunately, if you’re a Windows 10 Mobile phone owner, you’re going to have to wait. (Windows 10 Mobile owners are positively used to this by now.) Microsoft pronounced that a AU will start rolling out to phones “in a entrance weeks.” Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t common how prolonged that will be, or a reason for a delay.

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