Microsoft looks like it competence burst on a wearables bandwagon – and soon. According to Forbes, Microsoft has been operative on a smartwatch for some time now and has transparent skeleton for a destiny of a device. The unknown sources contend that a device will be concordant with Windows Phone, iOS, and Android devices. The smartwatch competence also embody aptness sensors for monitoring heart rate and other vitals.

The OS dubious wearable will reportedly offer dual days of battery life and underline a pattern identical to that of a Samsung Gear Fit. The full-color arrangement will be placed in a weird position opposite a user’s wrist, so that notifications will be some-more private. Earlier rumors hinted during a tiny 1.5-inch display, that seems to be accurate by Forbes. The essay describes a arrangement as “about a distance of half a hang of gum.”

Microsoft has a Kinect group operative on a handling complement for a smartwatch. The Kinect multiplication contingency emanate an OS that complies all a sensor information into an easy-to-read interface. Just like all a other arriving smartwatches, Microsoft’s will have a clever concentration on health and fitness. Reports spirit that a smartwatch will underline continual heart rate monitoring, so we never skip a beat.

Perhaps a many engaging growth in a long line of Microsoft smartwatch rumors, is this latest news that a device will work with any of a tip 3 handling systems. If Microsoft merely motionless to offer a smartwatch for Windows Phone devices, it would have a unequivocally singular market. However, if a association unequivocally does make a initial wearable open to iOS and Android, it will have a most wider appeal. So far, one of a categorical problems with Samsung’s wearables, is that a series of inclination they work with is intensely limited.

There’s no word on a recover date yet, though Forbes indicated that Microsoft could entrance a smartwatch as early as this summer.