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Microsoft to entrance Surface mini on May 20?

Microsoft to entrance Surface mini on May 20?

Microsoft has sent out invitations for a May 20 press eventuality in New York and, while sum are limited, it is famous that it will be about a Surface line – and could even offer as a launch of a long-rumored Surface mini tablet.

Microsoft’s entice alludes to “a tiny gathering,” that media outlets are interpreting as a provoke for a new, smaller Surface inscription to contest with Apple’s iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Google’s Nexus 7, among others.

The rumored 7- to 8-inch Surface has been in a works for some-more than a year, according to The Verge, that suggests “Microsoft behind a inscription over fears prolongation could a availability.” The tiny Surface entrance on May 20 is approaching to be powered by a Qualcomm processor and Windows RT, Bloomberg News reports.

“It’s not transparent if a Intel Surface indication is simply a modernise of a existent Surface Pro 2, though it’s probable Microsoft could be scheming to launch a Surface mini with Windows RT and a Surface mini Pro indication with a full chronicle of Windows 8,” The Verge reports. “Microsoft might even be deliberation an wholly new Intel-based Surface model.”

Unlike a iPad mini, a smaller Surface is approaching to come with a stylus coop to work with Microsoft’s OneNote program and a cover with a multi-position kickstand, not a kickstand integrated with a device itself (like in Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2), according to Paul Thurrott (via The Verge).

While it stays anybody’s theory what Microsoft has designed on May 20, a Surface mini is a judicious theory since it is a usually shred of a inscription marketplace that a association now does not have a product in, according to UK website n3rdabl3, that also points out that a Surface Mini could be used as an Xbox Smartglass device, something that Microsoft has been developing.


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