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Microsoft Buys Company That Helps Crunch Messy Data

Microsoft Buys Company That Helps Crunch Messy Data

Microsoft is acquiring Metanautix, a startup founded by Google and Facebook engineers to assistance some-more people break large data.

Terms were not disclosed, though Palo Alto, California-based Metanautix had lifted about $7 million in try appropriation from Sequoia Capital and others given a first in 2012.

One association owner is Theo Vassilakis, who led a growth of Dremel, an open-source system for querying data sparse among opposite systems. Dremel became a core of Google’s


rarely regarded BigQuery information analytics service. His co-founder is Apostolos Lerios, a former Facebook


comparison operative who worked on that company’s print service, that is home to billions of a possess photos and other images.

Metanautix practical a customary SQL (the initials mount for structure query language) used to ask questions of normal relational databases to wild-and-wooly information that doesn’t fit into that row-and-column mold. SQL is a customary denunciation used to ask questions of relational databases like Oracle


and Microsoft SQL Server.

Being means to request that same apparatus to disorderly non-relational data, in speculation means that businesses can learn most some-more from their different information sources in one fell swoop. And that a tens of thousands of SQL experts already in a margin can request their existent skills to new forms of data.

So a business researcher for a product manufacturer could ask how most of Product A sole in a second quarter, though also parse posts on Twitter or Facebook to see how business favourite or didn’t like what they bought. One set of information is normal database stuff, a other set is disorderly amicable networking data.

In a blog post announcing a deal, Joseph Sirosh, Microsoft


corporate clamp boss for data, didn’t yield most in a approach of minute skeleton for Metanautix other than to contend that Microsoft would incorporate a record into Microsoft’s altogether information platform. Those embody a aforementioned SQL Server database and Cortana information analytics products.

It was misleading either Metanautix’s year-old product, the Quest Data Engine, that claimed HP, Shutterfly, and a University of Chicago as customers, will still be offering alone or either a record will be integrated into Microsoft’s offerings. I’m guessing a latter.

For some-more on large information and analytics, check out this Fortune video.

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