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Mets’ Tim Tebow homers in initial veteran at-bat





Heisman Trophy leader strike a home run on a initial representation he saw in a enlightening joining in Florida.

Tim Tebow’s initial veteran round game, of sorts, yielded an evident prominence as a telegenic Heisman Trophy leader and two-time inhabitant champion quarterback strike a home run on a initial representation he saw in a diversion opposite a group of St. Louis Cardinals farmhands.

Tebow, 29, is expected a oldest actor populating enlightening joining games in Florida, and a 255-pound outfielder did not rubbish time display he’d like to allege with some dispatch by a New York Mets system, hammering a representation only to a left of passed core margin in Port St. Lucie, Fla.

The home run came on a initial representation off a associate former Southeastern Conference contestant – John Kilichowski, 22, who was comparison in a 11th turn of June’s breeze out of Vanderbilt. Kilichowski posted a 3.38 ERA in 11 games – 9 starts – during rookie turn State College (Pa.) and low-A Peoria (Ill.).

“It was fun. we only wanted to have a proceed that we was going to be aggressive,” Tebow said. “That’s something that we’ve been articulate about here each day and practicing it.”

Kilichowski was 12 years aged when Tebow helped a University of Florida to a initial of dual inhabitant championships in 2006.

Tebow finished adult 1-for-6 on a day with no strikeouts and played left margin for 5 innings.

“I favourite a lot of my at-bats today,” Tebow said. “I strike a round unequivocally tough 4 out of a 6 times. … Four of the at-bats we felt really, unequivocally good about. Didn’t pitch during any violation balls, didn’t feel like we got fooled saying it out of a (pitcher’s) hand.”

Tebow perceived a $100,000 reward to pointer with a Mets, an arrangement that this tumble enables him to keep his commitments as an researcher for a ESPN-owned SEC Network. He had not played orderly round given his youth year of high propagandize in 2005, in Florida.

“It feels good to strike a home run,” Tebow said. “First diversion you’re competing we wanna win. You’re with all your teammates.

“Honestly, a accepting was fun, too.”

Contributing: Luis Torres of The Treasure Coast Palm, partial of a USA TODAY Network


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