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Meet Viveport, Vive’s app store for practical existence fans

Viveport, an app store for practical existence fans, is now a reality.

HTC, builder of a Vive virtual-reality headset, on Friday announced a launch of a app store, a one-stop emporium for all things practical existence where VR users can try and emanate VR calm while joining with other customers. Viveport promises to showcase VR practice opposite a accumulation of VR experiences, including art, design, education, music, sports, travel, and more.

The new portal underscores a tech community’s flourishing seductiveness in practical reality, that promises to ride goggle-wearing users to a computer-generated 3D environment.

“We trust Viveport is a place where business will start their tour into new practical existence experiences,” Rikard Steiber, boss of Viveport, pronounced in a statement.

One of a store’s marquee facilities is Viveport Premieres, that consists of VR calm rising initial on Viveport. Among a calm debuting on Friday are Everest VR, Stonehenge VR, The Music Room and an all-new book of a Blu, among others.

In further to Viveport Premieres, a store will also underline a Viveport Community where users can bond with VR influencers and other enthusiasts, as good as a Viveport Home, where users can emanate a customized personal space where users can watch streaming media with a new web browser widget.

As partial of Viveport’s launch, it is charity practice for $1 any during the initial 48 hours.

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