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MATTHEW IN THE MIDDLE: What a Week in Politics!

MATTHEW IN THE MIDDLE: What a Week in Politics!

So a few weeks ago we go into Cal Courts Annex for my morning examination and a man behind a opposite says, “Congratulations, we won!”

“Ahh, what did we win?”

“The Britt.”

“The Brit?”

“No, a Britt Festival. In Jacksonville, Oregon.”

“Oh, okay. So what did we win?”

“You get dual tickets to any opening during a Britt.”

After attack a iron we conduct home and demeanour adult a performers during a Britt and lo and behold, there is Bill Maher on a Friday of Labor Day weekend. I’m a outrageous Bill Maher fan. Watch his uncover on HBO each week. Read both of his books. Only now, we gotta remonstrate a boss. She checks out a website and we’ve been together prolonged adequate that she doesn’t even have to ask me that uncover we would like to see.

“I see they’ve got Bill Maher during a Britt. You substantially wish to go see him.”

“Nah baby, we pick. It’s all about you.”

Occasionally, and we meant unequivocally spasmodic this works on a wife. Usually she sees right by my line and knows we wish something. This time it worked and we scored dual tickets to see Bill Maher along with a hotel room (thank we Agatha Nord, owners of Cal Courts!).

Most people possibly adore Bill Maher or hatred Bill Maher. There ain’t many in a middle. Early in his slight he talks about politics, “There are dual domestic parties here in a United States. One celebration wants to strengthen ill children from those miserly word companies and one celebration wants to strengthen miserly word companies from those ill children.” I’ll let we figure out that one is which.


Then, a few days after on Monday (Labor Day) a internal unions reason their annual Labor Day Picnic during Sequoia Park. It was good to see so many internal operative folks there for a BBQ and removing to know one another a tiny bit better. As one kinship personality pronounced to me, “Every dual years a internal domestic possibilities come shawl in palm seeking for a endorsements, income and manpower on their campaigns. Then each other year we go shawl in palm to a inaugurated politicians seeking for improved contracts. It’s good that we can usually speak but doing a dance.”

Which brings me to this past Saturday during Baywood. The Humboldt County Republican celebration brought in many of their line-up of possibilities using for state office, that is flattering considerable that they came all a approach adult here to Humboldt County. They had a following possibilities doing a sh0rt debate and afterwards holding QA from a audience.

  • Neel Kashkari – Governor candidate
  • Ron Nehring – Lt. Governor candidate
  • Pete Petersen – Secretary of State candidate
  • Ron Gold – Attorney General candidate
  • Greg Conlon – State Treasurer candidate
  • Dale Mensing – U.S. Congress, District 2 candidate
  • Matt Heath – State Assembly, District 2 candidate

Ashley Swearenger, a stream Mayor of Fresno and State Controller claimant and Ted Gaines, Insurance Commissioner claimant couldn’t make this event. But still, considerable to have all a above Republican possibilities in Humboldt.

Currently, a Republicans do not reason a singular California statewide bureau and have 0 energy in a Sacramento State Legislature. But what’s unequivocally operative opposite Republicans on a state turn is demographics, as usually 28% of a California electorate are purebred Republicans. Unlike a internal elections, that are non-partisan, a statewide elections are narrow-minded and a infancy of electorate will opinion their celebration lines.

For me, we wanted to accommodate Neel Kashkari, a former Assistant Secretary of Treasury underneath Henry Paulson and Timothy Geithner. I’ve review countless books on a financial meltdown and wanted to hear it from someone on a inside because a U.S. supervision motionless to rescue Bear Stearns (employees), nonetheless authorised Lehman Brothers to die, that sent startle waves by a universe financial markets and overnight 26,000 Lehman employees mislaid their jobs.

Kashkari is a bit of a Republican curiosity as he is a son of immigrants, is in preference of same-sex marriage, pro-choice, recently spent one week on a streets of Fresno as a homeless person, is campaigning in Hispanic communities, attending African-American churches and is 36 years younger than his opponent, obligatory Governor Jerry Brown.

But afterwards domestic existence hits. Governor Jerry Brown is a Democratic obligatory in a blue state, sitting on a fight chest of over $20 million, to Kashakri’s none. Kashkari hardly kick out Tim Donnelly (who?) in a Jun Republican primary, 19.4% to 14.8%.

Then this past Sunday, a subsequent State Senator Mike McGuire reason a fundraiser during a Wharfinger. There were over 100 people in assemblage during this event, many of a same faces that uncover adult during all a Democratic events. McGuire is young, splendid and clear and he will be an item representing a North Coast interests in Sacramento, as will Jim Wood, a subsequent State Assemblyman.

So I’m throwing down dual gauntlets:

One: Let’s see if a internal Democrats can move in a line-up of Democratic possibilities to attend a annual DOTY (Democrat Of The Year) on Thursday, Oct 2 where they will be honoring Peter LaVallee as a “Democrat Of The Year.” So distant they’ve got Betty Yee, a controller candidate, as a keynote speaker; however I’d also like to see Congressman Jared Huffman, Governor Jerry Brown, Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, Attorney General Kamala Harris, Commissioner of Insurance Dave Jones, Alex Padilla — Secretary of State candidate, John Chiang — Treasurer candidate, along with a effusive State Senator Noreen Evans and State Senate (almost)-elect Mike McGuire, State Assemblyman Wes Chesbro and a State Assemblyman (almost)-elect Jim Wood. Throw in many of a Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, several members of internal City Councils, Harbor Commissioners, etc. this could be a good night. Hey, if a internal Republicans can get many of their possibilities adult to Humboldt County, so can a Democrats.

The second gauntlet is an regard from attending many of these internal domestic events. While it’s typically a same faces that uncover adult during these affairs, they’re usually a tiny commission of purebred voters. So here’s my plea – get involved. Those of us who have been by a benediction of glow of domestic campaigns know that usually a handful of people indeed do a work, ya know a area canvassing (knocking door-to-door), phone banking, fundraising, retard celebration accommodate greet, etc. Step adult and proffer for a internal campaign. Everyone is always a outrageous believer until we ask them to do a work.

I honour a state and sovereign inaugurated officials who act as if Northern California extends over Santa Rosa. While we know we don’t have a race bottom (voters), nor a checks (political contributions), we are however 1/3 of a state in terms of land mass. So appreciate we to Wes Chesbro for his years of inaugurated use (term limits) and Congressman Jared Huffman. Both Chesbro and Huffman are regulars here in Humboldt County representing their constituents.

Gaze into my clear ball…

Ever wondered what a destiny of Humboldt County competence demeanour like when (not if) cannabis is legalized? Look no serve than a Rotary Club of Eureka, that is sponsoring a forum on “California Cannabis Legalization” this entrance Monday, Sep 15 during 12:00 noon during a Elk’s Lodge located during 445 Herrick Avenue in Eureka (by a Muni Golf Course).

Scheduled speakers for this row are Humboldt County Sheriff Mike Downey, Humboldt County District Attorney-elect Maggie Fleming, Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC) Executive Director Natalynne DeLapp, a South Humboldt farmer, and Matt Kumin, a Bay Area profession representing a cannabis industry. I’ll be a judge for this eventuality and it should make for an engaging topic. Lunch is $17 during a door.

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