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Martin Brodeur and Greater New York’s Longest-Tenured Athletes

Martin Brodeur and Greater New York’s Longest-Tenured Athletes


Martin Brodeur

announced his retirement on Tuesday after a brief road with a St. Louis Blues that can frequency detract from his bequest as one of a many fast and successful athletes in a story of New York-area sports.


Brodeur’s 21 seasons for a New Jersey Devils are some-more than any contestant who played in a area solely one—Mel Ott, who logged 22 mostly as an outfielder for a New York Giants. But Brodeur is a all-time personality among internal veteran athletes in postseason appearances with 17, and is tied with

Derek Jeter

in being partial of 20 winning seasons.

Goalies are a singular athletes in group sports who are awarded credit for wins and losses. So a Devils’ 688 regular-season wins with Brodeur in idea lift a destiny Hall of Famer’s signature, as do his 113 playoff victories. The postseason wins embody 3 Stanley Cups, a championship sum surfaced usually by several Yankees and a Islanders who were partial of a team’s four-Cup run in a early 1980s. Brodeur, a nine-time All-Star, widespread his titles out over 8 seasons, with vastly opposite ancillary casts.

The Devils and a Yankees browbeat a longevity leaderboard not usually since their sports are some-more gainful to prolonged careers, yet also since of their solid success. Former defenseman Ken Daneyko played 20 years for New Jersey and stream brazen Patrik Elias is in his 19th debate for a team.

Given football’s earthy demands, it’s frequency startling that usually a kicker, longtime Jet Pat Leahy (18 seasons), creates a cut. Mel Hein (Giants), Randy Rasmussen (Jets) and Michael Strahan (Giants) any lasted 15 seasons, yet maybe Hein deserves double credit for personification both core and linebacker.

What is a many formidable competition for athletes to means prolonged careers in New York? Basketball, with Patrick Ewing’s 15 years in a Knicks uniform a longest internal reign by far, according to Stats, LLC.

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