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I am the Lykan HyperSport Supercar

I am the Lykan HyperSport Supercar

The Lykan Hypersport is described as a perplexing car. It is geometric, platonic, and certainly not variable. The Lykan Hypersport is among the expensive cars and it comes with additional option of embeddable diamonds.

Exterior of Lykan Hypersport

The general design on the exterior part of the car is conventional, within deeper parts there is a hologram at the midpoint of column interface. The Lykan hyper sport is assuredly built to last. It is extremely tough with layered surface treatments that create the impression of an unbreakable car. The light military theme appears in various places on the car, this includes the thick roof. Not quite the new bat mobile, but…

The sides of the hypersport car looks like platonic or geometric shapes and lines. An infinite design pattern. The door comes inside the body panel by five inches. The fenders are curved up about the wheels from the front side but from the rear end, they have a sliced, sharp bottom edge. It allows a massive vent just at the back of each wheel in reducing the air pressure of the wheel wells and increases the aero slipperiness.

The price of the car is astonishing, this is sure due to the dazzling nature on the oncoming traffic with the good-looking LED headlights. Diamonds are used in Titanium LED Blades with 420 Diamonds (15cts). The bling also gives room for buyers to integrate rubies or emerald, depending on t buyers choice. It has an extraordinary plate fixed over the roof of the rear window that displays the delivery date and the vehicle number.

The price of Lykan Hypersport is $3.4 million. It was launched at the International Qatar Motor Show on July 28th 2013. W Motors revealed it to the world as its first model. The Lykan HyperSport limited to only 7 units worldwide, and officially has on the market since February 2014 at the first public European Debut at Top Marques Monaco in April 2014.

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