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Louis CK’s Latest Email Is a Fantastic Elegy to Comedy Clubs

Louis CK’s Latest Email Is a Fantastic Elegy to Comedy Clubs

Hello. So subsequent are my disorderly thoughts about my new special “Louis CK live during a Comedy Store” accessible here for 5 dollars, all over a world…

So this is my sixth hour-long standup special. The law is, we unequivocally adore creation these. we skipped doing one final year and we missed it. This one is opposite from a new others. For one thing, it was shot in a nightclub instead of a theater. we adore doing a museum shows. When we was a kid, my favorite thing in a universe was Richard Pryor’s unison films. The suspicion of being a comedian and doing a “concert” was a genuine idea for me. Performing in a museum expands your element and opens we adult as a performer. The vigour of personification to thousands of people, we found, always creates we better. And any unison gymnasium I’ve played has done me feel like I’m removing a sniff of that city or town’s history. The whole thing can be unequivocally exhilarating.

But Nightclubs, comedy clubs, is where comedy is innate and where comedy, standup comedy, truly lives. Going behind to Abraham Lincoln, who was substantially America’s initial comedian, Americans have enjoyed entertainment during night in tiny packaged (and once smokey) rooms, celebration themselves a bit dull and listening to any other contend wicked, crazy, silly, wrongful, delightful, upside-down, careless, offensive, disgusting, dainty things. Sometimes in long-winded, red faced hyperbole, infrequently in delicately crafted circular, intentionally fake and dubious argument. Sometimes in well-chiseled ideally timed cunning of verbiage. Pun-poetry. One line, one off, half thoughts. Half truths. Non-truths. Broad and hilariously prejudicial generalizations, farfetched prejudices and critique of zero and all while a integrate over here shares a pitcher of sangria, this list of guys sequence turn after turn of beers. These women over here are carrying vodka and cranberry. This man drinks bar soda and sits alone. He indeed came for a comedy. It’s a club. It’s a bar. It’s late during night. No one here is being responsible. These are a things we do when we are DONE operative and being citizens. We go to a comedy bar and compensate a bit of income to giggle harder than we ever do anywhere else.

That is a standup comedy that I’ve been doing for roughly thirty years. we have been operative museum (and now arena) stages for a final 9 of those thirty years though a volume of hours I’ve spent on a bar theatre outnumber a museum theatre hours by some-more than we can figure.

I’ve been on comedy bar stages substantially some-more than I’ve stood on any other kind of mark in my whole life. we started in a Boston comedy scene, on belligerent that had been laid by good comedians like Steve Sweeney, Steven Wright, Barry Crimmins, Ron Lynch, Kevin Meany, Don Gavin, behind in 1985 when we was 18 years old. we skipped college (still bewail it), worked shitty jobs (will never bewail that) and spent any singular night during any comedy bar in Boston we could finagle my approach into. we would watch any singular comedian and we would BEG to get on stage.

In 1989 we changed to New York. we detected a ripping comedy bar scene, where we could literally do 8 shows on a saturday night. (I remember Ray Romano hold a record during 9 shows).

It was a stately time for standup comedy clubs. Great comics everywhere. Colin Quinn. Mike Sweeney. Joy Behar. John Stewart. Charlie Barnett. Ray Romano. Dave Chapelle. Chris Rock. Brett Butler. Brian Regan.

All operative out any night in clubs all over a city. There was a Improv on 44th street. On 1st Avenue, Catch a Rising Star and around a dilemma on 2nd ave, a Comic Strip (still there). Carolines was on a Seaport then. And in a Village we had a Comedy Cellar (still there), a Boston Comedy Club and a Village Gate.

I spent my early twenties bouncing from one theatre to a other, from 8pm compartment about 4am, when Dave Attell, Kevin Brennan, Nick DiPaolo and we would conduct to a caf� and eat breakfast.

The income was terrible. About 10 dollars per uncover on a weeknights, fifty a uncover on a weekends. So any other week we had to leave city and work in another city. You’d go live in Atlanta, Columbus, Phoenix, Tampa, for a week. Most clubs would put we adult in a condo behind a bar and you’d work a whole week. Tuesday thru Sunday, dual shows Friday, 3 shows Saturday. You could make about 700 a week as an opening act. A good superstar competence make 2500 or 3,000 though that was rare. we worked in comedy clubs all over a nation and we cruise we indeed remember any singular club. My favorite clubs were a sharp small drink dripping places with low lighting and low ceilings. Go Bananas in Cincinnati. The Brokerage in Long Island (still there) Penguins in Cedar Rapids. The Comedy Underground in Seattle.

Then there were sequence comedy clubs that were always too bleach and suburban. Some of them were literally inside of a mall subsequent to a sunglass hut. The Improvs, a Funny Bones.

There were some comedy clubs around a nation that were legendary. That lasted out a genocide of comedy in a 90s. The eccentric and truly good bedrooms where we can still smell a cigarette fume exhaled by Bill Hicks. The Acme in Minneapolis. The Punchline in Atlanta. The Punchline (not related) in San Francisco. Cobbs in San Fran. The Laff Stop in Houston. Zanies in Chicago. Charlie Goodnights in Raleigh. The Comedy Works in Denver. These were a Meccas. When we could get a week during Acme, we know we could continue carrying a will to do this shit for another few months. A week during a Punchline in San Fran could get we by a subsequent week during Harvey’s in Portland.

There were bar owners that were partial of Comedy History. Who knew how to figure comedy. Mark Babbit, Lewis Lee, Manny Dworman, Lucien Hold, Silver Friedman, Bud Friedman, Ron Osborne, others.

I spent all of my midst to late 20s and thirties operative out in places like these.

Later when we changed to Los Angeles, we detected a theatre out there that was artistic and fun and also steeped in uncover business history. You could see Norm Macdonald. Charles Fleicher. Robert Schimmel.

In LA they have coffee houses and unequivocally cold bedrooms like Largo, where we can move your cover on theatre and try usually about anything.

People like Andy Kindler, Kathy Griffin, Patton Oswalt, Blaine Capatch, Craig Anton, Laura Kightlinger did vast things in those rooms.

I would infrequently go on theatre during places like Mbar or Largo and come out with twenty mins of new material, cheered on by a young, open and adaptive crowds of a “alternative” scene. But we never believed those jokes until we took them to a Improv, where a some-more normal and simple impression of a assembly would cut a new element down to about 3 jokes.

And afterwards there was a Comedy Store. we would take a final 3 remaining jokes to a store on Sunset. Maybe ONE of those would get a chuckle. And that joke, we knew, was a loyal value of a night.

I have always found a Comedy Store to be a many intimidating bar of my life. It is what we suspicion comedy clubs to be when we listened to Lenny Bruce annals as a kid. The black vinyl couches and chairs, a red formica stage. Andrew Dice Clay on theatre personification to fifteen people in open rebuttal of their loathing and humorous as hell. The Comedy Store is unequivocally uncover biz. As in Milton Berle with his crawl tie dismantled around his neck uncover business. Mop your brow and contend “tough crowd” uncover business. A man being beaten adult in a parking lot uncover business. The Comedy Store is where Pryor cut his teeth. Letterman fought to get spots there. George Carlin. Eddie Murphy. Marc Maron told me stories about vital in a unit behind a Store and how Sam Kinison pissed on his bed one night. This is a Comedy Store. The smashing dim side of comedy.

The Comedy Store is a usually bar in a nation that NEVER upheld me when we auditioned. we auditioned during many clubs where we didn’t pass though we always went behind and finally did pass. The Comedy Store NEVER upheld me. we usually wasn’t right for them. we didn’t start operative there until we became good famous adequate to by-pass a try-out process. Until we became one of those guys who can usually travel into a nightclub and go on stage.

So since did we fire my new special in this place? we don’t know. Maybe because, after thirty years of doing comedy, a many sparkling feeling for me is going on stage, not wholly certain it’s going to go well. To this day, when we work during a Store, we feel there’s a one in 3 possibility we competence bomb. Like explosve hard. To a man my age who has been doing it this long, that is exciting. So over a final debate we did this year, we started doing shows during a Comedy Store “Main room” to feel it out. The staff of a bar is glorious and they unequivocally know how to run a normal room. we desired operative with them. Pauly Shore and his family were unequivocally friendly when we approached them about sharpened my special there.

I unequivocally feel truly absolved to have shot this special on that stage.

Okay we didn’t meant to write such a prolonged thing about comedy clubs. The indicate is we prepared a element for this special on bar stages. we went to a Cellar here in New York, and their new club, The Village Underground, about 10 times a week with a occasional outing uptown to Gotham Comedy Club and “The Stand” on third avenue. we went out to LA to put that spin on it, operative Largo, a Improv and finally a Comedy Store, hammering this things together in front of late night comedy bar audiences. So it usually seemed right to fire it that way.

That’s all. we wish we suffer a special. Please see a film “Boyhood”. It’s a good square of filmmmaking and even literature. And take your kids to see “Into The Woods” It teaches a biggest doctrine we could learn a kid: If we are profitable attention, life is unequivocally confusing.


Louis CK

ps. we theory we didn’t have to cancel a uncover during MSG tonight. we don’t censure a mayor. That charge was a monster. We got lucky. When we cruise a movement taken by a supervision of whole north east, they got it right. To design correctness from any particular mayor is usually too much.
For us in New York and us in my residence and us during MSG it was overblown. But if we enhance that “us” to everybody in a trail is a storm, they were mark on. My family in Boston is partial of us for me. So that’s how we demeanour during it.

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