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‘Louie’: Sarah Baker breaks down starring in a ‘Fat Lady’ episode

‘Louie’: Sarah Baker breaks down starring in a ‘Fat Lady’ episode

You substantially already know Sarah Baker from her intimate confessions about Drew Carey in The Campaign, or her grief over her cat on NBC’s ephemeral sitcom Go On. And you’ll be observant a lot some-more of her soon, as a quick food clerk in a Melissa McCarthy comedy Tammy, and as a Christian assist workman in a Reese Witherspoon play The Good Lie, about a mislaid boys of Sudan.


What Louis C.K. didn’t wish we to know about a deteriorate premiere of ‘Louie’

But symbol tonight as her dermatitis moment, since she was memorable on Louie. In an partial called “So Did The Fat Lady,” she played Vanessa, a funny, cute, straight-talking waitress who’s not fearful to tell Louie (Louis C.K.) what it’s unequivocally like to date in New York as a “fat girl” (her words) in her 30s. It was a conversation-starting performance, and a fiercely honest one that will no doubt ring for women (and some men) everywhere. Below, we talked with a singer about weight, double standards in comedy, and what it was like to “date” Louis C.K.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: we know we have a comedy credentials that goes behind to a L.A. improv and blueprint comedy unit a Groundlings. Did we know Louis C.K. before we got this role?
No, we didn’t know him during all! It usually came to me like a unchanging audition, that we was super vehement about since we was already a super outrageous fan of a show, along with a rest of America. They fundamentally said, “There’s no script. He doesn’t like to send out a book since he’s flattering private with his material. So usually come 15 mins early and take a demeanour during a sides.” And afterwards they called an hour after and they’re like, “Actually, come a half-hour early since it’s 9 pages of sides.” And a usually outline that we had [of a role] was that she was a waitress during a Comedy Cellar. we consider it pronounced she was “friendly, humorous and gentle in her possess skin.” But that’s all we knew until we got there.

Wow. Which theatre was it?
It was a final scene.

The large speech?
Yeah, a large scene. It was so beautifully written. And we was kind of shocked. It was indeed substantially good that we had to do a cold reading. It authorised me to not be as shaken as we might’ve been. And [Louie writer Pamela] Adlon was there, and she’s a nicest person. She was like, “We’re gonna get we this part.” So she talked to me about it, and she was like, “Obviously, weight is one thing, though there are a lot of reasons that women and group feel invisible when it comes to a dating world, we know? You can feel like you’re too aged or maybe we have kids already or you’re divorced. So everybody brings some container to a dating world.” She was like, “This is usually one reason that somebody competence feel invisible.”

The casting call didn’t contend anything about weight?
Yeah. we mean, we know what we demeanour like, and when it says “comfortable in your possess skin,” we have a feeling that a gonna have something to do with that. And also, being informed with a show, we was like, “Oh god, what does that mean? Does that meant I’m gonna be in underwear or something?” we was usually anticipating that it wasn’t like some crazy sex theatre or something. So we was relieved that it wasn’t something I’d have to not tell my mom about.

Let’s usually go by a integrate of a scenes, if we don’t mind. So initial of all, this impression is so likable. She’s unequivocally funny, unequivocally straightforward. And she tries to get Louie to go out with her a integrate times, though he keeps observant no until she offers him these unequivocally costly tickets to a Rangers/Bruins diversion and assures him that she can’t go with him. And that’s when he finally asks her out for coffee. What do we consider about this scene? Do we consider that that’s kind of sad, that she’s regulating a tickets to cheat him to go out with her? Or do we consider she’s cold since she’s doing something nice? Or is she calculating, since she’s figured out a approach to make him go out with her? How do we examination that scene?
It’s funny, since apparently now I’ve talked to a few reporters, and a integrate of people have mentioned that scene. we don’t know what Louis C.K.’s intentions were. My goal in personification it was that it was a pristine moment. That she was like, “Look, we like you. I’m gonna give we this thing with no strings trustworthy usually to uncover we that we honestly like you. There’s zero some-more to this.” She’s not into a comedy world. It’s not like she’s a traveller in any way. It’s usually a pristine thing. Now, of course, when he asks her out she’s like, “Oh, great! Yeah!” But we consider she knows, He should wish to go out with me. So when that happens, she’s psyched, though we don’t consider it was a distributed thing. And we don’t consider it’s unhappy when somebody does something kind for someone.

I theory when we saw it, we usually felt protecting of her. Like, he’s being such a jerk! Don’t give him a tickets!
No, we totally get it, and you’re not alone. Other people pronounced that too. Like, give adult already! They wanted her to pierce on and find somebody better. That wasn’t my feeling in personification it. But we can totally see that.

When they finally do go on a date, she’s articulate about dating in New York as a “fat girl,” and he has a haughtiness to say, “You’re not fat.” She has this good line: “You know what a meanest thing we can contend to a fat lady is? You’re not fat.” How do we feel about that line?
My interpretation of it was that she’s [telling Louie], “You saying, ‘You’re not fat,’ is like saying, ‘The misfortune thing a lady can be is fat, so I’m not gonna call we that.” Whereas she’s kinda like, “Yeah, I’m fat. You know, I’m nice, I’m funny, I’m lovable — so who cares?” You know, she asked him out, and he pronounced no, though she didn’t unequivocally know why. And in that impulse she’s like, “Oh, that is what this is all about. You consider being fat is terrible.” That’s when it clicks for her, like, “Oh, you’re not as good as we suspicion we were.”

How do we feel privately about a word “fat”? New York repository recently ran this piece about how nicer words, like “curvy,” aren’t any better, since if people were unequivocally usurpation of all physique types, afterwards “fat” wouldn’t be a bad word. Do we consider it’s improved to usually use a word “fat” in conversations about weight?
I don’t know. It’s unequivocally a difficult issue. we would never be like, “Hey, I’m fat!” or like be psyched if somebody calls me “fat” in a review. If somebody feels a need [to report me], and a one descriptor that they wish to use is that I’m overweight, chubby, fat, whatever, it’s a small bit like, Really? That’s all we took from all that we did? That’s a drag. As for what word they use, we mean, there is something kind of stupid about these insincere words. But we theory it feels nicer when they contend those other words, so we conclude that. When somebody says “tubby” or “fat,” you’re like, “Oh, you’re a guy, probably. That’s gross.”

I do consider it’s opposite for guys than it is for woman. Louis C.K. addresses this good in this partial when his impression and his crony [played by a comedian Robert Kelly] eat dual large lunches in a quarrel and a waitress in a second grill still flirts with him. He’s still ostensible as this voluptuous guy. And your impression points out a double customary generally. She says, “You can speak into a microphone and contend we can’t get a date, that you’re overweight, and it’s adorable. But if we contend it, they call a self-murder hotline on me.” Do we consider that’s true? Not usually since he’s a famous comedian and she’s a unchanging person, though also for women in comedy, that they can’t speak about weight in a approach that masculine comedians can?
I’m not a stand-up comedian by any means, though we do consider it’s worse for a lady to go to that territory, since it does make people go “awww,” instead of laughing. That “awwww” is a calamity for a comedian, we would imagine. People consider women shouldn’t be fat. we consider it usually comes behind to that. Some people competence see this partial and feel bad for [my character]. But some people competence be like, “Oh, she’s a cold chick. He’s a one who’s got a issue.”

Speaking of that double standard, there’s an partial of Louie this deteriorate where he hooks adult with a model. Some critics have forked out that viewers seemed to accept that this competence occur in Louie’s universe. But when Lena Dunham’s impression bending adult with an appealing male on Girls, people seemed to consider it was unrealistic.
I haven’t seen that partial of Girls, though we consider that’s interesting. They’re both super New York shows, and Lena Dunham is unequivocally unclothed with what she’s peaceful to share, so we consider it’s a flattering good comparison. But it’s also a celebrity thing. Louie is personification a impression who’s in a spotlight, since Lena Dunham is personification a unchanging girl. Not to give multitude too many credit, though that’s substantially partial of it: You see somebody on stage, and it’s kind of enchanting sometimes.

There was usually one theatre in “So Did a Fat Lady” that somewhat unhappy me, and that’s a theatre where Vanessa asks Louie, “What is it about a basis of tellurian happiness, feeling attractive, feeling loved, carrying guys follow after us, that’s usually not in a cards for us?” Is that unequivocally an accurate depiction of what dating is like for heavier women? You have a beloved in genuine life. Is it satisfactory to make this immeasurable generalization that complicated women will never be loved, simply since they’re heavy?
No, though we don’t consider that’s a intention. This is a unequivocally personal review between dual people. And during this indicate in a date, they’ve been together all day and they’ve been carrying this heated conversation. And we can tell that Vanessa is a flattering approach person. So we consider maybe that’s how she feels in that moment. Or that’s how he seems to feel, and it pisses her off.

She’s meditative that that’s how he sees her, as someone who will never find love?
Right. we don’t consider she’s somebody who doesn’t have boyfriends. we don’t consider Louie is observant that’s how things are. But it can feel that approach sometimes, generally if you’re single. Again, going behind to what Pamela [Adlon] said, it’s whatever your vulnerabilities are that make we feel like, “I’m not gonna get that good love.” There’s a million opposite reasons that people can feel that way. And in this moment, Vanessa feels like, “Really? Am we ostensible to not get all of those things usually since of this? That’s crazy.”

For me, a many loyal thing in Vanessa’s debate is that unchanging guys are worse than prohibited guys when it comes to their diagnosis of complicated women. She tells Louie, “The great-looking ones, a genuine high-caliber studs, they coquette right back, no problem, since they know their station will never be questioned. Guys like we will never coquette with me since they get frightened that maybe we should be with a lady like me…and since not?” How loyal do we consider that is?
[Laughing] we consider that’s unequivocally true! An comparison male will uncover me [a intensity date] on, and [the person] is 28 years aged and pleasing and I’m like, “Wow, we don’t know who we are.” It’s not like everybody has to be a matched set. But if you’re usually looking during somebody’s design and going, like, “When we was 28, that’s a lady we would’ve dated, and, I’m 44 now, though we still wish to date that girl”? Then we have to take a demeanour during yourself.

My favorite thing in that whole debate is when Vanessa points to a camera and says, “If we were station over there looking during us, we would see that we are a ideal match.” Clearly, these dual have some chemistry. Louie is fighting it, though when we see them together, we think, “I could see these dual people together.”

How do we feel about a final scene, when Louie grabs Vanessa’s hand?
Maybe this is usually me, though we consider it’s sweet. She breaks by to him. Even usually as dual people in that scene, we felt like we both usually kind of loose during that moment.

I had so many opposing feelings about this final scene. Part of me felt like, “Yes! This is what is ostensible to happen!” And afterwards another partial of me felt like, “Is this a small too easy? Would that male unequivocally strech out and squeeze her hand?” At one point, Vanessa says something like, “I don’t need a boyfriend, we don’t need a husband, we usually need someone to reason my hand.” we wonder, if she had wanted something some-more than that, would he still have reason her hand? Does she unequivocally have to be his teacher? Is it usually that he knows holding her palm is a protected move, since he’ll never have to be her boyfriend? Why isn’t she authorised to wish a boyfriend?
Yeah, we totally describe to and know all your opposite thoughts. Again, it’s going to be one of those things where we demeanour during it from your possess indicate of view, and we take from it what we will. To me, it doesn’t matter what’s going to occur in a future. It’s usually about this moment, dual people, together. But in a way, a line “I don’t need a boyfriend, we don’t need a husband,” you’re like, “What does that mean?”

Exactly! No lady who says that to a male she likes ever means it. Okay, maybe some of them do, though we know what we mean.
And really, she just wants to reason hands? When we was personification it, it was like, whatever a destiny will be, it usually doesn’t matter in that moment. But we can take a demeanour behind now and say, “Who knows?” Maybe Louis C.K. dictated it [to examination like] she’s some-more — not calculating, though maybe she thinks, “Okay, he’s going to reason my hand, and he’s gonna consider that that’s not going to meant anything, though we know he’s going to tumble in adore with me.” we don’t know. But it’s not like they lick or something. It’s usually them holding hands, walking down a street. we consider she reaches him in some way.

How many of this partial was improvised?
That final debate was totally scripted. But there were other tools that we were looser with. For one scene, it mostly got cut, though we was ostensible to be during Ed Burns’ table, usually being a funny, fun waitress and observant whatever to him. And afterwards eventually, we notice that it’s Ed Burns, and it’s like, “Holy sh–, Ed Burns! we adore you!” And he ends adult pulling me onto his lap, and kissing me on a cheek. we consider it was ostensible to paint that square in a debate where it’s like “the attractive guys coquette right behind with me.” we don’t know since they didn’t finish adult regulating it. But that was a initial thing we shot. So during initial we was usually being a normal waitress, though afterwards Louie was like, “Just do something fun for me.”

And that’s a usually partial that finished adult in a scene, right?
Yeah. That was usually me doing something uncanny since Louie was like, “Do something weird.” And he kept it in.

Was any partial of we shaken to be in an partial that’s all about weight? Is there a tarnish to holding a purpose like this to start with?
No. Every purpose I’ve ever taken has never had anything do to with size. It’s never been something I’ve wanted to be inexpensive about. Luckily, my agents and managers have always upheld that. we theory it’s uncanny to speak about all this things [with journalists]. It’s peculiar for me to hear that, since I’m not super obvious and since we demeanour a approach we look, there are going to be people who are like, “That’s that girl. Poor Sarah Baker.” But hopefully people are intelligent and know that this is a impression I’m playing. Just since we demeanour a approach we do, I’m not Vanessa. That’s not my experience. They’re Louis C.K.’s words. You wouldn’t ask Halle Berry, “Do we feel bad representing cats in that way, when we played Catwoman?” But it’s apparently an partial that’s resonating with people. Louie is a pleasing show. we consider it’s art on television. And for me, this was so value it.

Louie front Mondays during 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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