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Lizard Squad hits Malaysia Airlines website

Lizard Squad hits Malaysia Airlines website

The website of Malaysia Airlines was commandeered for several hours by hackers who referenced a Islamic State jihadists and threatened to display information taken from a carrier’s servers.

The attack, whose proclivity remained unclear, was claimed by a “Lizard Squad”, a organisation that has taken credit formerly for denial-of-service attacks around a world.

It is not transparent because a uneasy airline was targeted, though a Lizard Squad pronounced on a Twitter feed that it was: “Going to dump some rob found on servers soon.”

Visitors to a website on Monday were redirected to another page temperament an picture of a tuxedo-wearing lizard.

It also carried a title “404 – Plane Not Found”, an apparent anxiety to a airlines’ obscure detriment of moody MH370 final year with 239 people aboard, that sloping a already struggling conduit into crisis.

Media reports pronounced versions of a website takeover in some regions, enclosed a diction “ISIS will prevail”.

Normal entrance to a site seemed to be easy after on Monday, though it noted another hitch of bad press for a beleaguered inhabitant carrier.

The unexplained detriment of MH370 and a airline’s bad doing of a predicament exceedingly shop-worn open certainty in a carrier, promulgation business into a tailspin.

It has given been taken over by a Malaysian supervision investment account seeking to rescue a company.

A few hours before a website was restored, Malaysia Airlines had expelled a matter confirming that a internet domain name had been compromised, redirecting users to a manikin page.

“At this stage, Malaysia Airlines’ web servers are intact,” it said.

“Malaysia Airlines assures business and clients that a website was not hacked and this proxy glitch does not impact their bookings, and that user information stays secured,” it said.

However, a hackers doubtful that, releasing on Twitter what seemed to be a shade squeeze of some airline information including reservations.

“We would like to indicate out that [Malaysia Airlines] is fibbing about user information not being compromised,” it said, giving no serve information.

The Lizard Squad is a organisation of hackers that has caused massacre in a online universe before, holding credit for attacks that took down a Sony PlayStation Network and Microsoft’s Xbox Live network final month.

The border of any links with a Islamic State, however, are not known.


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