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Least prolific Congress? Not this one, barely

Least prolific Congress? Not this one, barely

WASHINGTON — It turns out that this Congress did not furnish a fewest laws given a days of President Harry Truman. But it was flattering close.

Thanks to a late flurry of check signings by President Barack Obama, a eternally gridlocked Congress that only shelved had 296 bills enacted into law during a dual years of work, according to congressional records.

That includes 51 that a White House says Obama sealed Thursday, and 10 some-more Friday.

The 296 laws narrowly surpass a 283 enacted by a prior Congress, that began a two-year event in Jan 2011. Both totals are a lowest in congressional annals that date behind to a 1940s.

They also dark compared to what Truman called a “do-nothing Congress” of 1947 and 1948, that had some-more than 900 measures enacted.

The new miss of capability can be explained in partial by divided government: Republicans have tranquil a House and Democrats have run a Senate, and a dual chambers have abandoned many of any other’s priorities.

As usual, a bills authorized as Congress shelved embody a brew of critical and, well, reduction critical measures.

Obama has sealed hard-fought bills financing supervision agencies by subsequent Sep and renewing a collection of failing taxation breaks for companies and individuals.

He also sealed legislation fixing a post bureau in Prescott, Ariz., after a late GOP presidential claimant Sen. Barry Goldwater, R-Ariz.; fixing a widen of Interstate 35 in Minnesota after a late Rep. James Oberstar, D-Minn.; and lifting a cost of sovereign steep stamps sole to hunters and others from $15 to $25.

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