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Lamu supervision sets aside Sh80m for MCA travels

Lamu supervision sets aside Sh80m for MCA travels

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The Lamu county supervision has set aside Sh80.2 million for transport losses of a 20 MCAs in a region.

Out of this amount, Sh60.2 million will support for domestic transport expenses, keep and allowances. The other Sh20 million is for outmost transport losses and allowances.

In a bill for a 2016/2017 financial year, an annual allocation of Sh670,000 has also been set aside for a squeeze of coffins for a 11 departments in a county.

This year, a county perceived Sh2.6 billion from a National Treasury, with Sh1.8 billion meant for memorable output and Sh794.8 million for county growth projects.

Residents who spoke to a Nation in Lamu on Tuesday, however, criticised a outrageous allocation for MCAs’ transport expenses.

Many felt a supports should have been combined to a allocation for development, instead of appropriation a intemperate lifestyles of a MCAs.

“You can’t set aside Sh80 million usually for transport while we allot usually Sh31.2 million for tourism, that is a fortitude of this county’s economy. Do a MCAs need to transport outside?” pronounced Mr Yakub Suleiman.

Mrs Fatma Abdalla questioned a allocation of Sh670,000 for a squeeze of coffins, observant it is unnecessary.

“Not many county workers have died this year. That means a money for coffins is idle,” she said.

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