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Lakers Rumors: Buzz on Goran Dragic, Kobe Bryant and Rajon Rondo Trade …

Lakers Rumors: Buzz on Goran Dragic, Kobe Bryant and Rajon Rondo Trade …

The Los Angeles Lakers are nowhere tighten to being members of a NBA elite, though a group continues to beget constrained storylines.

Some narratives interest to a morbidly extraordinary or a fans basking in schadenfreude as this once-proud authorization struggles, while others are simply a latest contention provender for supporters who follow a group day in and day out.

The latest amour from Lakerland stems from a new postgame comments of one Kobe Bryant. The Lakers mislaid Sunday to a Sacramento Kings 108-101, that finished a five-game movement for DeMarcus Cousins and company.

The Lakers were right there in it until they faded down a stretch. Bryant somehow scored 25 points notwithstanding 8-of-30 sharpened from a field. According to Yahoo Sports’ Marc J. Spears, manager Byron Scott competence have to rest Bryant for tired during some point:

Bryant concurred a probability though refrained from giving a decisive answer on a matter, observant that it would take some time and self-assessment to come to a decision.

“It’s substantially not that many of an option, really,” he said, around Antonio Gonzalez of The Associated Press (via “I usually have to demeanour during a body, a volume of a workload, and see how it responds.”

Bryant does seem to be wearing down. He’s sharpened usually 33.5 percent from a margin in December, down from 39 percent in November, per He’s also fouling and branch a turn over during a somewhat aloft rate this month, that could advise an inability to keep adult with a speed of play around him. On a other hand, when a Lakers play on back-to-back nights, Bryant is averaging a strong 28.5 points per game.

Scott would be correct to rest Bryant. At 8-19, a Lakers aren’t even tighten to contending for a playoff mark in a installed Western Conference during this point, and it could be an event for players to widespread their wings and ready for like after Bryant. It would also save Bryant’s legs for indicate ensure duties, that he has rubbed in tighten games during several times this season.

It’s tough to suppose a hypercompetitive Bryant being totally gentle with sitting out a diversion while healthy, though one would wish he understands a fee being put on his physique is rather remarkable. He’s averaging 35.4 mins per game, tied for 15th in a NBA with Kemba Walker, who is 12 years Bryant’s junior.

Bryant isn’t usually personification for this season; he’s also personification for 2015-16, when a Lakers have a half-decent possibility of surrounding him with some talent.

The Lakers are many abandoned of important trade resources as of now, creation giveaway group and a breeze their best routes to success. The authorization was incompetent to captivate any big-name giveaway agents to Tinseltown in a summer of 2014, though there is during slightest one actor who wouldn’t mind holding his talents to Southern California.

Pat Sullivan/Associated Press

Phoenix Suns indicate ensure Goran Dragic, who’s agreement does indeed finish during a finish of this season, countered a account that giveaway agents aren’t meddlesome in fasten army with Bryant, via Newsday’s Mike Gavin:

CBS Sports’ Matt Moore remarkable in Nov because Dragic competence cruise withdrawal a Suns for a Lakers:

But a Lakers will have a income this summer to offer mixed tip giveaway agents max contracts, that would afterwards in spin still give them tip room after a tip boost in 2016. So a Lakers could reconstruct a championship core around Kobe Bryant if they can get dual to buy into a guarantee of one another.

Still, Dragic is doubtful to be meddlesome in that situation. Byron Scott had good years withChris Paul in New Orleans, though altogether isn’t famous for a wide-open descent character that advantages Dragic, like a one he has with Jeff Hornacek in Phoenix.

Dragic is averaging 16.0 points and 4.1 assists per diversion this season, and his high-energy, rival personification character would clearly filigree good with Bryant. Point ensure Jeremy Lin hasn’t fared good given fasten a Lakers and has come off a dais newly for Ronnie Price, a growth that even a many desperate Lakers fans (or confident Price supporter) substantially wouldn’t have gamble on before to this season.

It’s utterly probable a Suns could also trade Dragic this deteriorate if they fear he won’t re-sign with a group that also facilities a likes of Eric Bledsoe and Isaiah Thomas during a indicate guard/combo ensure spot.

Of course, Dragic competence not be a usually indicate ensure a Lakers try to waylay adult in 2015. According to USA Today‘s Sam Amick, a Lakers attempted to land Rajon Rondo in a understanding with a Boston Celtics.

“The Lakers inquired about a understanding Thursday that would send brazen Jordan Hill and a first-round collect to a Celtics for Rondo and brazen Jeff Green,” Amick writes, “but a Celtics declined that offer, a chairman informed with a sum told USA Today Sports.”’s Ramona Shelburne reported that aspect of a certain trade offer a dual teams were incompetent to determine upon:

Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski also remarkable a Lakers and New York Knicks incited down three-way deals:

The Dallas Mavericks finished adult creation a improved offer and landed Rondo, though as Sports Illustrated‘s Chris Mannix forked out, a Lakers could still go after him during a finish of this season:

That being said, Wojnarowski also suggested Rondo could be looking to pointer an prolongation with a Mavericks, who as it stands offer a many some-more appealing long-term conditions than a Lakers:

The Lakers inability to land Rondo speaks to a futility of their stream situation. The scarcity of tradable players creates it tough for them to finish deals and during a same time creates them an unattractive end for giveaway agents looking to contend. As Moore suggested, a Lakers would expected have to remonstrate dual star players to join Bryant and association during a same time. That’s going to be formidable in a skinny 2015 free-agent class.

It’s utterly probable a Lakers best chances to reconstruct are when Bryant comes off a books. And if that’s a case, don’t design him to lay around watchful for that day to come. He’ll be suiting up.

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