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Labor Secretary: Scalia’s Death Makes it Easier to Unionize

It’s been months given a flitting of regressive Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, though Democrats are still clearly celebrating his genocide since it paves a approach for their domestic purposes. At The Atlantic’s Washington Ideas Forum on Thursday, Labor Secretary Tom Perez casually noted that Scalia’s genocide helped pave a approach for kinship membership opposite a country.

“Well, we consider we have all these — there’s an pure attack on labor unions opposite a series of states and there was a box that went before a Supreme Court recently, and honestly if Justice Scalia had not upheld divided it would have unequivocally done it really formidable for open zone labor unions to organize,” Perez told Rattner.

Unfortunately, Perez’s comments are not isolated. In August, Ohio Senate Candidate Ted Strickland actually said “the genocide of Scalia saved labor” during an AFL-CIO event.

The cavity on a Supreme Court will be an critical consideration for electorate this November, though Democratic leaders would be correct to uncover a small some-more attraction and respect when articulate about it.

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