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LA sends Vin Scully off with extra-inning thriller

LA sends Vin Scully off with extra-inning thriller

1:33 AM ET

LOS ANGELES — After 67 years, Los Angeles wasn’t prepared to contend goodbye to Vin Scully.

With a Colorado Rockies holding a 3-2 lead with dual outs in a bottom of a ninth inning, Corey Seager, a Los Angeles Dodgers’ 22-year-old shortstop, strike a home run to right margin to tie a diversion and extend a final home diversion for a 88-year-old announcer one some-more inning.

Sunday was a final diversion Scully will promote from Dodger Stadium as he nears a finish of a 67-year career that began in 1950, when a Dodgers were in Brooklyn, and spanned scarcely 7 decades.

“And wouldn’t we know we’d go additional innings,” Scully pronounced after Seager’s home run. “Of course, we didn’t have anything improved to do, anyway.”

What we learned: Dodgers bind fourth true NL West title

The Dodgers clinched a franchise-record fourth true multiplication pretension in Vin Scully’s final diversion during Chavez Ravine.

  • Dodgers make authorization story with run to NL West crown

    Neither injuries nor a Giants could stop a Dodgers from statute a NL West for a fourth true year in Dave Roberts’ initial deteriorate as manager.

  • Dodgers bind West on Culberson’s walk-off HR

    The Los Angeles Dodgers clinched their fourth true NL West title, winning a climax in Vin Scully’s final home diversion when Charlie Culberson homered with dual outs in a 10th inning to kick the

  • With dual outs in a bottom of a 10th inning, Charlie Culberson homered on a fly round to left margin to give a Dodgers a 4-3 feat and their fourth true National League West title, a authorization first, in Scully’s final diversion behind a microphone during Dodger Stadium.

    “The Dodgers have clinched a division,” Scully pronounced on a call. “And will applaud on schedule.”

    It was a storybook impulse in a storybook career for Scully, who was given a station acclaim after a diversion from a throng and a players, who took off their championship hats and waved them during a smiling Scully adult in a promote booth.

    “Vin, we love,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts pronounced on a margin after a diversion as he looked adult during Scully. “This is for you, my friend.”

    Scully will retire after finishing a three-game array in San Francisco subsequent weekend.

    During Sunday’s game, Dodgers players sloping their helmets toward Scully before stepping into a batter’s box — an thought that was hatched by Adrian Gonzalez and Justin Turner while a dual were texting a night before a game.

    After Roberts’ on-field interview, Scully got on a microphone and addressed a throng from a press box named after him.

    “I’m terribly embarrassed,” he said, station adult from his chair with his wife, Sandra, seated behind him. “I was anticipating a group would win a diversion 10 to nothing, and there would be no tension, and it would be a nice, easy day since we have a very, really small, medium grant on my final day. we have always felt we folks in a stands have been far, distant some-more critical to me. You have given me enthusiasm. You have given me immature during heart.

    “Believe me when we tell we I’ve indispensable we distant some-more than you’ve indispensable me. Anyway, we wanted to try and demonstrate my appreciation to all a players. God magnify them, and to all we folks during a ballpark. It’s a very, really medium thing, though we sang this for my mother — it was a amatory gesture. You know a song, a ‘Wind Beneath My Wings,’ and that’s what we are. You are a breeze underneath a team’s wings, and we are a breeze underneath my wings. we know it’s modest, we know it’s an amateur, though do we mind listening?”

    With that, Scully sat down as a players on a margin and a throng erupted in acclaim while a recording of Scully singing “Wind Beneath My Wings” played during Dodger Stadium.

    When a strain had finished, a players began jumping and celebrating their win in a multiplication on a margin before streamer to a clubhouse. Meanwhile, Scully pronounced goodbye to his friends in a promote counter before exiting a Vin Scully Press Box for a final time.

    “Thank you,” Scully pronounced as he walked out. “Thank we so really much.”

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