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Kevin Durant on a 2016 Warriors: ‘I theory we could contend I’m blissful that they lost’

Kevin Durant on a 2016 Warriors: ‘I theory we could contend I’m blissful that they lost’

Like a lot of people – Ohioans, certain shoe association executives, vital celebration donors, children of all ages – Kevin Durant seemed to be rooting for a Cleveland Cavaliers defeat in Game 7 of a 2016 NBA championship. With a Golden State Warriors good on their approach toward giving adult a 3-1 lead in a Finals, giveaway representative to-be Durant had a vested seductiveness in not looking too many like a championship-chasin’ carpetbagger he knew distant too many articulate heads would brace him as, should he select to pierce in with a Warriors a few weeks later.

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Those Warriors, famously, did finish adult losing that Game 7 only dual weeks before a 2014 NBA MVP done his preference official. Durant, in a Warriors-wide assembly with a internal Chamber of Commerce on Monday, discussed that fatal Sunday:

So, from here, a easy take is that Kevin Durant had already done adult his mind.

That he wanted zero to do with that uncomplicated Oklahoma City offense, still low even after a recover of manager Scott Brooks a year before and a lapse to full health for both Durant and indicate ensure Russell Westbrook, while pining to glom onto a 73-win hedonistic practice that is a Golden State Warriors Experience.

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Somehow, states divided from a Bay Area, Kevin Durant’s nasty mojo helped drop Kyrie Irving’s prolonged jumper by a net before to shuffling Kevin Love’s feet into a accurate right place to inhibit a fortifying champs’ final try during a back-to-back title. That damnedable scoundrel, pulling Cleveland into a pretension and Golden State divided from excellence only so that he could foreordain his possess media narrative.

Eh. Whatever.

Think of a push/pull that Kevin Durant was operative by here. Nobody is seeking we to feel contemptible for a millionaire with a leafy touch, yet this is a male who had to gaunt toward a lost drop of his destiny teammates in sequence to make his expected burst to a operative sourroundings he enjoyed all a some-more savoury for those who somehow have nonetheless to rise a mind paste indispensable to stop themselves from sitting around to listen to people speak about sports on TV or radio for hours on end.

For those that can endure that arrange of daily, tedious bleating, Durant is a box investigate no matter his intentions, no matter his hopes and dreams, whatever instruction he takes and whatever a ruin a basketball group does in Game 7 of an NBA Finals (prior to floating a 3-1 lead in those same NBA Finals). Kevin Durant might really good win his initial NBA pretension this June, yet he and everybody around him knew that a preface to that championship would be met with fits and burps from daytime wire TV’s many sniffly and superior.

Stay in Oklahoma City, join a champion in Golden State, or separate a disproportion and join a Game 7 crook in Golden State: Kevin Durant wouldn’t win with any decision. Even if he keeps those tattoos underneath wraps, or passes on involving Jim Gray. Don’t cry for a Famous Guy, again, yet never make an try to know where he’s entrance from on a tellurian level, either.

This is arrange of where we’re at, now. Famous Gal gets attacked during gunpoint during a posh Parisian hotel? Well, she shouldn’t have been famous to start with.

Kevin Durant wasn’t entirely happy with his work setting, and he wanted a new gig. Because of a connection of talent and a giveaway marketplace fool (stuck within a private league) that takes place in many pro sports’ offseason, he was authorised to emporium his wares. Due to clever planning, sound infrastructure, good timing and a bit of luck, a record-setting Golden State Warriors only happened to be in a position to emanate adequate shake room to estimate a arrange of income that Kevin Durant could have gotten from Oklahoma City, had he stayed with a group that during times clearly undone him.

(A disappointment that, for years, acted as daily provender for a same arrange of pillocks that make their grain on wire TV, pandering to day drunks and those who watch TV on workdays; a same accurate creatures who now spend their mornings and afternoons bleating about how Kevin Durant took a easy approach out of what was clearly an ineffably primitive environment within a Oklahoma City Thunder offense.)

Now that a shakes have ragged off, here’s a remark from a same Chamber of Commerce presentation, from Warriors owners Joe Lacob:

“[Kevin Durant is] a unusual talent, and we know there’s a lot of other owners that are insane during us, and during me. we felt that when we was in Las Vegas this summer [for a NBA’s annual joining meetings], yet sorry. We got him.”

Yes, we’ll substantially be denied a Western Conference Final Rematch For a Ages that we’d hoped for in 2017 with Durant in Golden State (though new attempts during securing those rematches for returning squads in 2001, 2003 2007 and 2013 all failed) and with a Thunder now forced into behaving as a Russell Westbrook-led upstart. For that, and many other things, we can carp.

What we can’t do is annoyingly rail on about a male who motionless to accept an practice offer that he preferred. Lest you’ve never, in your employable days, deliberate a pierce along those same lines.

For you, this is a sport. For Kevin Durant, this is his job.

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