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Kevin Durant damage puts Thunder in center of West pack

Kevin Durant damage puts Thunder in center of West pack

USA TODAY Sports’ Sam Amick explains a ramifications of a Jones detonate in Thunder MVP Kevin Durant’s right foot.

Another season, another Oklahoma City Thunder setback.

From Russell Westbrook (twice) to Serge Ibaka (2014 playoffs) to this latest explanation that reigning MVP Kevin Durant could skip adult to dual months with a Jones detonate in his right foot, this has turn a unpleasant normal for a NBA’s favorite what-if team.

There’s always an asterisk to their endeavors, a vital barrier that keeps us from meaningful what they might have been or either they could have finally won it all.

The Durant damage hurts a Thunder in a whole new way, though, as he was not usually their many critical actor though their final iron male around. Since apropos their centerpiece during a Seattle days in 2007, Durant played in 97% of his unchanging deteriorate games (missing only 16 in all) while averaging a whopping 42.3 mins in a 73 playoff games a Thunder have played in given 2010.

There’s a hold-your-breath member to this Durant injury, too, as Jones fractures (named after orthopedic surgeon Robert Jones) have a robe of recuperating in a many indeterminate and cryptic of ways.

While medicine is approaching in Durant’s case, a new stories of Brooklyn Nets large male Brook Lopez, Los Angeles Clippers brazen Glen Davis, former Dallas Mavericks indicate ensure Rodrigue Beaubois and others have shown us that a second medicine to reanimate a fifth metatarsal is infrequently compulsory and liberation times with this damage might be severely extended.

As so ominously put by NBA damage researcher and approved jaunty tutor Jeff Stotts in his news on a Durant injury, “The fundamental risk for re-injury is quite high, and medicine can’t pledge anything.”

Yet along a way, and as a outcome of all these unwelcome realities in their world, Oklahoma City has turn Silver Lining Central out of perfect necessity. Cue Thunder ubiquitous manager Sam Presti on Sunday, when he had his latest déjà-vu impulse with a media to explain what a latest damage means and found himself channeling Ernest Hemingway.

“Forget your personal tragedy,” Presti said.

And remember a ones who remain.

Westbrook, above all a rest, will have his best possibility nonetheless to develop and develop in ways that Durant did final deteriorate when a tables were incited (the Thunder were 19-7 with Durant heading a approach but Westbrook when he was recuperating from right knee surgery).

It could be a trigger-happy prohibited mess, with Westbrook banishment divided to such a grade that a Thunder are even some-more imbalanced offensively than before as they slip down a Western Conference standings. Or maybe Westbrook will be a galvanizing force here, anticipating a approach to rouse a games of purpose players like Reggie Jackson, Jeremy Lamb and Perry Jones in such a approach that a whole is even improved than a sum of a tools when Durant finally returns.

But make no mistake, this is a harmful blow for a Thunder. As Durant replacements go, a opening between a “Slim Reaper,” as some have deemed him, and a fresh Perry Jones is unusually wide. Veteran tiny brazen Caron Butler left around giveaway group over a summer (signing with a Detroit Pistons), withdrawal manager Scott Brooks to no doubt cruise all options now (perhaps extenuation Jackson’s wishes of being a starter or going super-small with Lamb, a 6-foot-5 sharpened guard, also in a starting lineup).

What’s more, a heartless Western Conference waits for no one. Last season, 5 games distant a second-seeded Thunder and a fifth-seed Portland Trail Blazers. This deteriorate is no different, with a fortifying champion San Antonio Spurs still as clever as ever and teams such as a Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors staid to take their subsequent step. The still-formidable Memphis Grizzlies, a more-experienced Trail Blazers, a remodeled Dallas Mavericks, on down a line.

Even a Dwight Howard-James Harden Houston Rockets, who mislaid a likes of Chandler Parsons, Jeremy Lin, and Omer Asik during their unsatisfactory offseason, would seem to have a corner on this Thunder group that has never famous life but Durant before.

Another critical setback, indeed.

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