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Kenny Baker, R2-D2 in Star Wars films, dies during 81

Kenny Baker, R2-D2 in Star Wars films, dies during 81

The tiny Star Wars actor who helped move heart and essence to a droid R2-D2 has died. Kenny Baker died Saturday during age 81 after a prolonged illness.

Representatives during Lucasfilm coonfirmed his flitting to EW after The Guardian first reported his death.

In a days before pointing robotics, a 3-foot-8-inch British actor would trip inside a hollowed out models of Artoo to make him shudder, wobble, and spin his architecture in greeting to dialog. Although scenes of a droid rolling were customarily finished with a engine or cable, fans can simply tell when Baker is inhabiting a astromech by a black empty tubes fasten his undercarriage to a robot’s feet, that vaporous Baker’s legs.

Image Credit: © TM Lucasfilm Ltd.


Baker played Artoo in all 3 strange films and a 3 prequels but was in a wheelchair by a time The Force Awakens was released. Still, he was credited as a droid consultant on a film and remained a renouned participation for years before that on a sci-fi gathering circuit.

Although many of his scenes were conflicting C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels, they had a notoriously irritable attribute in genuine life. Baker indeed shaped a unlikely bond with a different co-star. Last year, 7-foot-2 Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew told EW he and Baker became tighten friends during a strange trilogy, partly since a tallest and smallest actors on set enjoyed pity their experiences from such opposite perspectives.

Baker was operative with another little actor, Jack Purvis, in a nightclub act when both were hired by George Lucas to work on 1977’s Star Wars. Purvis, who died in 1997, played one of a Jawas — and Baker brought life to one of a many iconic robots in film history.

Born in Birmingham, England, on Aug. 24, 1934, according to Baker’s bio on his central website (there is some discuss about either he was 81 or 83), his relatives were of normal height, and Baker credited a Christian disabilities organisation The Shaftesbury Society with assisting him overcome a hurdles dwarfism presented.

He was a teen when he started behaving in 1950, fasten a organisation of little-people accumulation entertainers called Burton Lester’s Midgets. From there, he literally assimilated a playground as jester and ringmaster. He went on to form a low-pitched comedy act called The Mini Tones before Star Wars done him star famous. He would go on to perform in films such as Labyrinth, Amadeus, Flash Gordon, Time Bandits, and The Elephant Man

Baker had dual children with his late wife, Eileen Baker, who assimilated her father in a Star Wars star by personification one of a Ewoks in Return of a Jedi.

Funeral sum for Baker were not immediately announced. 

Although R2-D2 is now mostly a remotely operated robot, with tiny actor Jimmy Vee holding over inside a droid when a tellurian hold is necessary, Baker’s grant to a impression endures scarcely 40 years after he initial slipped into that steel canister.

Fans never saw Baker’s face onscreen, though his feisty, witty suggestion radiated from within.

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