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Keeping an eye on a roads for holiday travels – KSN

Keeping an eye on a roads for holiday travels – KSN

GC snow

GARDEN CITY, Kansas– A skinny covering of sleet fell on Garden City early Tuesday morning.  Fortunately it didn’t hang to a roads, though drivers should still use caution.

“Well there’s some-more cars that are travelling adult and down a highways this time of year.  We’re out operative a roads, generally with a sleet relocating in,” pronounced Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper Michael Racy.

Even if a sleet isn’t adhering to a pavement, state troopers advise that a roads can still be copiousness slick.  With high breeze gusts via a state, be wakeful when pushing past high structures, like pellet elevators.

“You can strike a large breeze of breeze around a elevators, high structures will means some-more breeze to lift your car around,” Racy said.

The highway unit weren’t a usually ones prepared to respond to winter weather.  Gilbert Valerio with Finney County Emergency Management was station by to warning a village in box of an evident threat.  Throughout a day he got reports of breeze gusts in southwest Kansas, some reaching over 50 miles per hour.

“We’re still going to knowledge postulated wind, maybe 30-40 miles an hour.  So withdrawal earlier, examination your following distance, those are some of a things we can evangelise on,” Valerio said.

Emergency responders remind drivers to ready their cars, remembering to check tires, fluids, and wipers.

“We’re going to have a officers out there, gripping a roads safe,” pronounced Racy.  “If a roads are too treacherous, lift off and find some place to stay.”

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