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Judge tosses killing assign in Boyd shooting

Judge tosses killing assign in Boyd shooting

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Special prosecutor Randi McGinn binds adult a print of a area in a Sandia foothills for former Albuquerque Police SWAT Sgt. James Fox to uncover a jury estimate locations of officers during a hearing of military investigator Keith Sandy and Dominique Perez in a sharpened genocide of James Boyd. (Greg Sorber/Albuquerque Journal)

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — State District Judge Alisa Hadfield on Wednesday found deficient justification was presented during a prosecution’s 8 days of testimony to support a third-degree transgression assign of intentional killing opposite dual former Albuquerque military officers on hearing in a on-duty sharpened genocide of a homeless camper in 2014.

While Hadfield motionless to chuck out a killing assign on a invulnerability motion, she found “enough evidence” to support a assign of second-degree murder and continue a trial.

Defense attorneys asked for exclusion of all charges after Special Prosecutor Randi McGinn complacent a state’s box opposite Keith Sandy and Dominique Perez. Sandy faces an additional obtuse assign of aggravated battery.


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Perez’s invulnerability attorneys began presenting their box late Wednesday afternoon usually after Sandy’s profession Sam Bregman sensitive a decider that his group had filed a suit for sanctions alleging prosecutorial bungle opposite McGinn and other prosecutors. Hadfield is approaching to order on that suit today.

The suit alleges that McGinn coached a witness, done “numerous misrepresentations” and displayed a vast print of Boyd to a jurors.

In seeking a decider for a destined outcome dismissing a charges, invulnerability attorneys argued that a elements of manslaughter, while a reduction critical offense, weren’t benefaction in a preference by Sandy, a investigator with a Repeat Offender Project, and then-SWAT officer Perez, to use lethal force.

Under state law, a suspect would have to have been annoyed by annoy or a feverishness of passion to have committed a crime of manslaughter.

Defense attorneys pronounced Perez and Sandy done a preference to shoot, one after a other, in a calm, reasoned demeanour to strengthen a life of another officer who got too tighten to a knife-wielding Boyd a dusk of Mar 16, 2014.

Monnica Garcia, an profession for Sandy, told a decider that not usually did a assign yield deficient justification for a killing assign though also didn’t infer that a officers weren’t behaving in invulnerability of K-9 handler Scott Weimerskirch, who chased after his military use dog and came within 9 feet of Boyd.

“The state has usually attempted a polite box opposite a APD,” Garcia told a judge. David Roman, one of Perez’s lawyers, argued, “Rather than evidence, what we have in a state’s box are arguments.”

“Whether other officers responded in an ideal conform or whether, in hindsight, a sharpened could have been prevented … is usually an try to distract,”Roman told a judge.


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Before ruling, a decider left a dais to examination testimony of a prosecution’s military expert, Jeff Noble, who testified that there was no evident hazard to any officer’s life that fit a lethal shooting.

The hours-long military deadlock began when Boyd, who was mentally ill, pulled knives on dual Open Space officers responding to a call of an bootleg campsite in a city Open Space park easterly of Copper Road. By a time Boyd was shot, 19 military officers were during a scene.

McGinn contends Boyd was surrendering and was attempting to conform military orders to get on a belligerent when Sandy and Perez fired. She cited a widely noticed military helmet camera video that prisoner Boyd’s movements adult to a lethal sharpened and afterward.

Testimony progressing Wednesday suggested that in a mins before shots rang out, an APD SWAT officer had been creation his approach adult a bank to broach a beanbag shotgun to Sandy and dual other officers who had been perfectionist Boyd dump his knives and surrender.

The shotgun would have been another approach to impair Boyd and take him into custody, testified former SWAT Sgt. James Fox.

Fox testified that when he dispatched one of his SWAT group leaders to broach a beanbag shotgun, he hadn’t been sensitive there already were during slightest dual beanbag shotguns on scene.

The hazard of a such a shotgun seemed to work progressing in a deadlock when an vibrated Boyd started advancing on a group of uniformed military officers who primarily responded to a scene. Once told he would be shot with a beanbag shotgun if he came any farther, Boyd stayed where he was, according to testimony progressing this week.

Fox testified that he arrived on a stage about 10 mins before a sharpened and began building a devise for SWAT officers and a predicament negotiating group to take over a talks with a haphazard Boyd and “slow things down.”


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His devise would have enclosed dispatching a predicament negotiating team, with a psychologist, to a scene.

Fox pronounced he knew Sandy and a dual other officers articulate with Boyd had a takedown plan, though hadn’t been told what it was.

In cross-examination, Fox testified that infrequently a military officer competence need to take movement before an conflict indeed occurs.

“If an officer waits for an conflict to begin, it competence be too late,” Fox said, adding, “There’s a certain volume of time it takes an officer to understand a threat.”

Sandy dismissed 3 shots during Boyd, attack him in a arms, followed by Perez, whose initial bullet entered Boyd’s reduce back. His other dual missed since Boyd was descending to a ground.

Fox, who late final Dec from APD after 22 years, pronounced he felt “horrible” about carrying to attest in a hearing of one of his former officers, Perez.

Fox dispatched Perez that dusk to act as a “cover officer” and to use lethal force if necessary.

“He was a dream officer,” Fox testified. “We compensate him for 40 hours, he’d give me 80 (hours).”

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