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Judge: Return Lee Harvey Oswald’s box to brother

Judge: Return Lee Harvey Oswald’s box to brother

FORT WORTH , Texas, Jan. 31 (UPI) — The strange hunger box that Lee Harvey Oswald was buried in belongs to his brother, not a wake home that sole it during auction in 2010 for scarcely $88,000, a Texas decider ruled.

Judge Donald Cosby ordered Baumgardner Funeral Home to lapse a box and compensate Oswald’s hermit Robert a auction cost of $87,468.

Oswald was shot and killed in 1963 after a assassination of President John F. Kennedy and was buried in a $300 hunger box. His physique was exhumed in 1981 after swindling theories suggested a look-alike Russian representative was buried in his place. After contrast valid it was Oswald, his physique was eliminated to another box and reburied. The strange coffin, however, remained with Baumgardner Funeral Home, owned by Allen Baumgardner Sr.

“Baumgardner intentionally done no bid to hit anyone that he had possession of a 1963 box since Baumgardner saw a chronological and marketplace value a 1963 (casket) had and a financial asset that a sale of a 1963 (casket) could privately move to him,” Cosby wrote in his ruling. “Baumgardner secluded from Robert a existence of a 1963 casket.”

Oswald’s wake arrangements were creatively managed by Miller Funeral Home, where Baumgardner worked. Baumgardner went on to squeeze a business and altered a name.

The Oswald family suspicion a box had been destroyed, though after schooled it had been auctioned off instead.

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