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Jive adds Office 365 connectors for the craving amicable suite

Jive adds Office 365 connectors for the craving amicable suite

Jive has built links between a craving amicable networking (ESN) apartment and Microsoft’s Office 365 to let users precedence Jive partnership facilities with a cloud versions of Outlook, Office, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business.

ESN vendors like Jive satisfied years ago that for their products to benefit adoption in workplaces, they have to be threaded into a third-party applications that workers use each day, like a ones for email, CRM, ERP, accounting and a like. That way, users can daub their third-party program from within a Jive interface, and clamp versa.

ESN program that is removed from a daily-use business program of a association is doubtful to benefit traction among users, since it becomes nonetheless another stand-alone inbox of sorts that they need to check and maintain. In that sense, ESN software’s adoption dynamics are opposite from a consumer marketplace amicable media services it’s modeled after, like Facebook and Twitter, that are during a core of a star of interrelated apps built around them.

Most ESN program providers, then, build tradition connectors for renouned business program products. They also yield APIs (application programming interfaces) so that craving and blurb developers can emanate their possess integrations. Jive has already grown connectors for products from a variety of other vendors, including Box, Cisco, Dropbox, Evernote, Google, Salesforce and, of course, Microsoft.

However, formerly rolled out integrations for Microsoft products, including Outlook, Lync, Office and SharePoint, were for their on-premises versions. The connectors announced Tuesday concentration on cloud software, to that Microsoft is changeable a strategy.

With a new tools—the Jive Connector for Outlook Online, Jive Connector for Office Online, and Jive Connector for SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business—Jive can position a ESN apartment as means to support Microsoft business who are in increasingly common hybrid scenarios, definition they’re using both on-premises and cloud versions of these products simultaneously.

“We’re where a users are,” pronounced Clara Liang [cq], Jive’s arch product officer. “We let them work where they prefer.”

As an example, Liang told of a suppositious unfolding where “John” from a selling dialect gets an email on with a doubt he can’t answer, so with a new connector, he transforms a summary into a contention thread in Jive, and also uploads a connection to a ESN suite. Since Jive is integrated with, sales repute “Gina” sees a new contention started by John and, since it concerns one of her clients, she provides a information he needs, during that indicate John is means to respond to a strange email.

Jive already had an formation with Yammer, a cloud ESN program that Microsoft acquired in mid-2012 and that it has been integrating with a Office family of products. However, a connector for Lync Online hasn’t been grown yet.

Jive, whose business embody T-Mobile, GE Healthcare, Eli Lilly, Prudential, Genentech, Vodafone and Nike, is one of a few remaining “pure play” ESN vendors. Its rivals embody IBM’s Connections,’s Chatter and Communities, Microsoft’s Yammer and SharePoint, and Tibco’s Tibbr.

The 13-year aged association went open in late 2011, though a shares, that are trade in a $6.50 range, are approach off from their Apr 2012 peak, when they surfaced $27. Second-quarter income grew 23 percent year-on-year to $43.4 million and a net detriment was $14.6 million, about $3.2 million narrower than in a year-ago quarter.

Still, Forrester Research ranked a association as a “leader” among craving amicable program vendors in a new report, along with IBM, Salesforce, Microsoft, Zimbra and Tibco, observant that notwithstanding a “crowded businessman landscape, Jive continues to flower by emphasizing user knowledge opposite all devices.”

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