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Jet on Navy training goal crashes, kills pilot

Jet on Navy training goal crashes, kills pilot

PORT HUENEME, Calif. (AP) — A jet on a troops training practice crashed into an rural margin nearby a Southern California Navy bottom Wednesday, murdering a pilot, authorities said.

The craft disintegrated when it strike a belligerent during about 5:15 p.m. as it was scheming to land during Naval Station Ventura County. The pile-up sent a outrageous plume of billowing black fume into a sky 65 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

The pilot, a usually chairman aboard, was conspicuous passed during a scene, conspicuous Ventura County glow Capt. Mike Lindbery.

Nobody on a belligerent was hurt.

“Fortunately nobody was in that apportionment of a field,” Lindbery said.

The plane, a municipal warrior jet engaged by a Navy, had usually finished personification a purpose of an rivalry aircraft in an offshore training practice and was scheming to land during a naval hire when it went down opposite a travel in a margin nearby a Pacific Coast Highway, bottom mouthpiece Kimberly Gearhart said.

She conspicuous it was misleading either a commander reported any problems before a crash.

Federal Aviation Administration orator Allen Kenitzer conspicuous a FAA and a National Transportation Safety Board were investigating.

The British-built, single-seat Hawker Hunter MK.58 was owned by Airborne Tactical Advantage Co. of Newport News, Virginia. The company, famous as ATAC, provides aerial training to a military, including a Navy’s chosen Fighter Weapons School.

“The association has ceased moody operations during rough investigations,” association orator Matt Bannon said.

Bannon declined to recover a pilot’s name though conspicuous he was a late troops commander who was “extremely proficient and associating about warrior strategy and handling high-performance aircraft.”

“Our heart and prayers are with a family,” Bannon said.

The Hawker Hunter is a single-seat, swept-wing warrior and belligerent conflict craft that was creatively designed in a 1950s. More than 2,000 were produced. ATAC describes it as “one of a classical warrior designs of all time.”

Wednesday’s pile-up was a third nearby a Ventura County bottom in new years.

In May 2012, another Hawker Hunter owned by ATAC crashed into a plantation margin nearby a base, murdering a 57-year-old pilot. That craft had also been engaged to play a rivalry in training exercises.

In May 2011, 3 members aboard a Boeing 707 tanker installed with jet fuel transient with usually teenager injuries when their aircraft skidded off a runway while holding off from a bottom and exploded into flames. That craft was carrying civilians and had a Navy agreement to yield fuel transport.

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