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Jerry Seinfeld Explains New Sony Hack-Themed Video—and Why He’ll Never …

Jerry Seinfeld Explains New Sony Hack-Themed Video—and Why He’ll Never …

Well, that’s one approach to get a attention!

Jerry Seinfeld has expelled a new video summary introducing his latest “Dick Corcoran” video with associate Seinfeld alum Michael Richards, and we have your disdainful initial look.

“Jerry Seinfeld, Sony employee,” he says in a video message. “There’s been utterly a bit of contention newly about termination of artistic content…” and we can see a rest of Jerry’s video summary by dire play above.

Seinfeld’s new video, that serves as a reward underline to his Crackle array Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, plays off of, of course, a Sony penetrate that lead to a termination of a recover of The Interview final week. And a latest Dick Corcoran video, that facilities Richards as a boss of Crackle, shows Seinfeld and Richards doing what Seinfeldfans have always desired best—Richards going off a deep-end, while Jerry somehow miraculously binds it together. (All while one of them asks a other to impregnante his wife. No large whoop.

Today also outlines a unholy holiday of Festivus in a Seinfeld world, so to celebrate, we asked Jerry a few blazing questions on seductiveness of Seinfeld fans…Is there any possibility he’ll ever do a genuine Seinfeld reunion? Another TV uncover or movie? And does he determine with what Larry David pronounced about a Seinfeld and Curb finales?

Read on for a goods…

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Why did we confirm to recover a new Dick Corcoran video with an intro summary that plays off of a Sony penetrate and North Korea?
To be honest with you, we adore this square so most and we only wanted to mangle it out from a website and Crackle and kind of boyant it out on a own. That’s one of a fun things we can do on a internet is we can kind of take things and Frisbee them out into a atmosphere. We suspicion if we put a small summary in front of it, maybe that will assistance people notice it. we only consider people will laugh. And when we make something that we know will [get a] giggle we only wish them to see it.

How did these Dick Corcoran videos with Michael Richards come about?
We motionless to come adult with a feign boss for Crackle. And we thought, now who is a humorous chairman to act deranged? And of march we suspicion of Michael since it reminded me of someone of those people he would burlesque on my aged TV array when he would burlesque absolute people.

Is there an palliate in operative with him since we have such a story together?
Yeah we unequivocally are gentle together. We know what a other chairman is going to do. But we’re unequivocally intense. Michael is heated so it’s not that most palliate we unequivocally try unequivocally tough and we giggle a lot, though it’s intense.

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Seinfeld, Superbowl CommercialYouTube

Do we ever mangle when you’re doing these scenes together?
I do all a time. He, never. But when he puffs on that cigar, forget it, I’m underneath a desk.

And it’s dropping [today] on Festivus, Dec. 23, that of march Seinfeld fans know all about. Intentional?
Nope, coincidental. But it is a good day for it since Mr. Corcoran is airing some grievances with me. One of my favorite things in each Dick Corcoran thing is that he starts off with purgation adulation and afterwards during some indicate in a center of a meeting, he turns on me and starts revelation me how most a uncover is costing him and he doesn’t get it.

Larry David pronounced he felt like he doesn’t feel a need to do a Curb Your Enthusiasm finale since he got so most “grief” over a Seinfeld finale, and a lot of people “intensely disliked it.” Do we agree? Do consider he should do a Curb finale? 
I consider he should do whatever he wants. we consider his instincts are a best. we don’t consider finales are that large of a understanding any more. He should go behind to that array if he feels like there’s some-more humorous things left to do, though we wouldn’t worry about a  finale.

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Seinfeld CastNBC

Any speak during all of any kind of Seinfeld reunion?
I’ve been articulate to Julia Louis-Dreyfus about doing a Comedians in Cars, that she has voiced an seductiveness in. Jason [Alexander] and we did one, and Larry and we did one and Michael and we did one. So I’m kind of creation my reunion skeleton that way.

Do we feel like we have another TV array or film in you?
TV series, really not. And movies, we know as a stand-up comedian, you’re so used to present feedback all a time. And doing Comedians in Cars, we make a uncover and dual weeks later, it’s out in front of a public. That’s a lot of fun and I’m kind of dependant to that. we don’t know if  we could endure a two- or three-year tube to find out if something’s humorous or not. It arrange of goes opposite my stand-up comedian chemistry, my biochemistry.

Larry is starting his Broadway debut, Fish in a Dark, unequivocally shortly and we directed Long Story Short on Broadway. Did we give Larry any tips?
No we haven’t seen him. I’m removing behind to New York in January. I’m on holiday now and afterwards I’ll call him and maybe we’ll get together and maybe we can be a partial of it in some way.

I’m certain people still come adult to we and scream Seinfeld lines all a time.

Does it get old?
It will never go away. It’s humorous to me that, since a uncover is still on so much, I’m always assembly immature people that are finding it. 15 or 16 year olds. So it’s so fun. I’m only a propitious guy.

More Dick Corcoran and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee videos can be found on

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