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Jay Z Sparks Beyonce Pregnancy Buzz

Jay Z Sparks Beyonce Pregnancy Buzz

Did Jay Z only brief a pregnancy beans?  Or is he only carrying fun with us?

The rapper caused vital conjecture that mom Beyonceis awaiting baby No. 2 after changing a verse to his strike strain “Beach Is Better” during a couple’s unison in Paris Friday.

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In a video that’s present online, Jay Z changes a line “I reinstate it with another one” to “pregnant with another one.

The verse switch caps a summer of heated inspection of a energy couple’s relationship.

Ever given May, a twin has been battling breakup rumors following a videotaped fight in an conveyor involving Jay Z, Beyonce, and her younger sister, Solange Knowles.
In successive weeks, tabloids claimed she was on a verge of filing for divorce. While Jay and Bey never rigourously addressed such contentions, they seemed to let their actions pronounce for a standing of their relationship.
They spent a summer on a highway together on their remunerative Made in America unison tour. During a Labor Day opening in Los Angeles, a dual intent in vital PDA on stage.

Beyonce also took to Instagram to post a print of them holding daughter Blue Ivy in a family embrace. 

 The thespian has frequently used Instagram posts to shoot down rumors  — many particularly in 2013 when both a New York Post and E! Entertainment reported she was pregnant, and she uploaded an picture of her sipping wine. Those rumors incited out to be false.

Indeed, while there have been other unconfirmed whispers in new weeks on several blogs and within a attention that Beyoncé competence be profound with Baby 2, she posted another pic on Instagram of her enjoying beers with Solange.
While we wait and see if she is profound or not, Beyoncé has settled she wants to have a kin for Blue Ivy, who was innate in 2012.
“I would like some-more children. we consider my daughter needs company. we unequivocally adore being a large sister and during some indicate when it’s ostensible to happen. My biggest pursuit in a universe is to strengthen my daughter and we am unequivocally protective,” she told Good Morning America behind in 2013. “I only wish to make certain that she can have a healthy, safe, normal life. we feel really, unequivocally only propitious that we can still do what we adore and now have a approach bigger meaning, and that’s to be her mother.”

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