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Jake Coker and Patrick Brown: 2 brothers, 2 jobs, 1 bond

Jake Coker and Patrick Brown: 2 brothers, 2 jobs, 1 bond

DALLAS — A print shows 4 siblings dressed in flush gear, smiling, arms lovingly wrapped around any other. They’re happy given they’re together. And given a University of Alabama football group usually kick Georgia on a highway in a pouring rain. Everything about a design appears ideally normal.

The second chairman from a left in a print is Crimson Tide quarterback Jake Coker, who reduction than an hour before it was taken had thrown for 190 yards and scored dual touchdowns in a vicious early Oct matchup in Athens, Ga. When a diversion was over, he met his family for celebratory hugs.

And a surprise.

Coker’s oldest brother, Patrick Brown, had finished it to a game.

Brown is a U.S. Air Force captain and A-10 Warthog commander who was scheduled to muster to a Middle East around a same time as a diversion this fall. But by a spin of good fortune, he didn’t need to leave until after.

So what looks like an bland print of happy siblings indeed captures an well-developed circumstance: It captures a final time a whole family was together.

“If we could have seen them after a game, we don’t consider there was a dry eye,” Coker and Brown’s mom Michelle Spires said. “Patrick is a lot of impulse for Jake … we consider he plays for Patrick.”

Coker will play in a biggest diversion of his life Thursday night.

Nearly 8,000 miles away, Brown hopes to be one of a millions examination a College Football Playoff’s Cotton Bowl semifinal. He’ll be in front of a TV as prolonged as he’s not drifting a fight plane.

Each hermit binds high-pressure jobs — one is a Alabama quarterback, a other a warrior pilot. Jake creates a diversion for his family. Patrick creates concentration for Jake.

Before Coker got on a group train that night in Athens and Brown got on a craft overseas, a dual common a special moment.

“You know, we always run a risk of removing into an romantic conditions there,” Brown pronounced around Skype from Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar. “I gave him a cuddle and told him I’ll be watching, and he pronounced be clever and all that normal stuff, and we went a apart ways.”

Patrick Brown and his aircraft specialize in tighten atmosphere support operations requiring minute formation with accessible forces. He is now deployed to Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, in support of Operation Inherent Resolve, that is a United States’ targeted operation opposite ISIL. He was recently during Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, portion as a U.S. Air Forces Central Command A-10 relationship officer in a Combined Air Space Operations Center.

Through all a crusade and strife, there always is Alabama football. To this family, a Crimson Tide’s success and run to a Playoff this deteriorate is something to reason onto via a mostly intolerable news cycle.

“It’s unequivocally stressful with all a misunderstanding going on,” Spires said. “That’s a good thing about Alabama football. For us, it’s roughly a diversion given we get to lay here and watch Jake and his group play and be winning and do these good things for Alabama. And we know, it kind of takes a mind off Patrick doing what he’s doing.

“But we have to tell Jake that this is Patrick’s job. And somebody’s gotta do a job. Just like Jake is a male for a pursuit during Alabama, Patrick is a male for a pursuit in a sky fortifying a nation and fighting for a freedom.”

In a way, Brown has helped Coker yield this daze given he was a one who taught his small hermit how to chuck a football when he was 4 or 5 years old. “I still reason a round a same approach from a initial time we put my hands on a laces, grabbed it and threw it,” Coker says.

Spires pronounced Coker always wanted — and this stays loyal currently — to be usually like his large brother.

“I consider in eighth class Jake had to do a plan on who inspires you, who’s your hero, and they did a small family design and we put things on it that remind we of your hero,” Spires said. “And Jake wrote about Patrick.”

Brown was also a one who instilled a rival corner in Coker. Coker, one of a youngest of 17 jaunty grandchildren, can tell many stories about removing “bruised and broken” personification sports in a yard and messing around with all a area kids and Brown’s comparison friends.

Coker indispensable that toughening to ready for what lay ahead: sitting on a dais for 3 frustrating seasons during Florida State, transferring to Alabama in 2014 with impractical expectations placed on his shoulders and usually personification in 6 games, afterwards eventually winning a starting pursuit for a Tide this season.

It’s been a topsy turvy, indeterminate career, though zero he can’t handle.

“(Growing adult with Patrick) finished me a lot tougher,” he said. “And afterwards when we see what Patrick is doing, a sacrifices he’s making, that’s toughness right there. For me on a football field, holding some hits, that’s zero compared to what him and his guys are going by over there.”


Coker is reminded of Brown daily when he looks during a Crimson Tide dwindle in his room. Brown flew it in a cockpit of his craft during a goal and afterwards gave it to his hermit as a gift.

They also content any other weekly, mostly with Brown promulgation Coker a pep speak before a game. Sometimes it’s tough to bond depending on Brown’s location. The atmosphere bottom in Qatar is 9 hours forward of executive time, and a one in Turkey is eight. The messages don’t enclose most football advice, usually something elementary like “Good Luck” or “Proud of you.”

These records meant some-more to Coker than Brown realizes.

“He’s one of a categorical people in my life that we work so tough to emulate,” Coker said. “He’s unequivocally been a large partial in creation me who we am usually by giving me a good instance of what a male should be. To me, he does all a right way, and if there’s ever been an barrier in front of him, he’s found a approach to overcome it by usually operative tough and doing a right thing, and to me that means so most and it’s desirous me to do what I’ve finished this year and I’m usually genuine unapproachable of what he is.”

Brown watches Alabama games — if he’s not drifting — alongside a other Tide fans in his squadron on a Armed Forces Network.

Spires also mails DVDs of any diversion to Brown so he doesn’t skip out.

Though a brothers have opposite interests and responsibilities, they aren’t that opposite — other than a fact that Coker hates to fly, that is one of a reasons he didn’t follow his hermit to a Air Force Academy, Spires says.

“He doesn’t like planes,” she said. “He would rather walk, run, bike, float a bus. Not Patrick. We used to get in severe atmosphere and he’d go ‘Woo hoo! This is fun!’ But Jake would rather yield somewhere.”


Brown cracks a soothing grin when he’s reminded of his small hermit meditative about him as a hero. It’s been roughly 3 months given they’ve seen any other in person.

“There’s not a larger enrich we could ever get from Jake or any other member of my family pursuit me their hero,” Brown said. “I positively don’t feel like a favourite by any means. I’m usually doing my pursuit and that’s that. But during a same time, we have always attempted to be a purpose indication for my younger siblings.”

Coker is usually doing his pursuit too, heading Alabama to an SEC championship, a College Football Playoff, and potentially a program’s fourth inhabitant pretension in 7 years.

Brown doesn’t nonetheless know either he’ll be means to watch this week’s game. But he does have a summary for his small brother.

“Just keep doing what you’ve been doing and go get ’em,” he said. “He doesn’t need any genuine specifics from me, he’s got that figured out.

“I’ll be watching, I’ll be out there with ya, take it to ’em.”


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