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J.D. Power: Portland tops in airfield satisfaction, Sea-Tac ranks 14th

J.D. Power: Portland tops in airfield satisfaction, Sea-Tac ranks 14th

Does your subsequent drifting outing engage a tie by Portland? Prepare to illuminate a heat of compensation as we walk happily by a terminal.

Portland International Airport took a tip measure among vast airports in a J.D. Power selling investigate firm’s new North American Airport Satisfaction Study, expelled Wednesday.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport ranked 14th.

The investigate totalled traveler compensation with a continent’s large- and medium-sized airports by examining depot facilities, airfield accessibility, confidence procedures, container claim, check-in/baggage check, and air-terminal shopping.

Overall traveler compensation with a airfield knowledge opposite a continent averaged 725 on a 1,000-point scale, an alleviation from 690 in 2010, that was a final time a investigate was conducted.

Portland’s measure was 791. Among vast airports, Tampa International Airport ranked second and McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas) ranked third. Sea-Tac’s measure was 730, adult from 666 in 2010.

Dallas Love Field and Southwest Florida International Airport (Fort Myers) ranked top in a tie among medium-sized airports. Indianapolis International Airport and Raleigh-Durham (N.C.) International Airport ranked third in a tie in that category.

Study commentary prove that airports are focusing some-more on amenities and traveler comfort, according to J.D. Power researcher Rick Garlick. “It’s no longer only about removing travelers from Point A to Point B as well as possible; it’s about creation a airfield knowledge enjoyable.”

Terminal comforts have a biggest impact on user satisfaction, according to J.D. Power’s interpretation of a findings. Facilities embody all from restaurants and sell shops to restrooms and gateside seating.

“Airports that have responded to this direct by charity a accumulation of food, beverage, merchandise, and other appealing services and amenities are realizing poignant gains in altogether patron satisfaction,”  Jeff Conklin, a J.D. Power clamp president, pronounced in a created outline of a study.

Among pivotal commentary in a 2015 study:

  •  Check-in and confidence lines make or mangle airfield satisfaction: Wait times directly relate with travelers’ happiness, formed on scoring.
  • Younger travelers are some-more confident and spend some-more money: Satisfaction is top among millennials and travelers in Gen X, who spend almost some-more on food, beverages, sell and services in a airfield than comparison travelers.
  • Gate cleanliness is critical: A purify embankment area boosts compensation with depot facilities, while a disorderly embankment causes compensation to plummet.
  • Combining business with pleasure: Overall compensation is top among travelers who mix business and leisure/personal travel.
  • How travelers get to a airfield matters: Satisfaction was aloft among travelers who get to a airfield regulating ride-share services, and reduce among those who get a float from a friend, family member or colleague. Airports with some-more quell space for dropoffs ranked higher.
  • Dissatisfied business are really vocal: Unhappy travelers are a many expected to share their knowledge with others.

The investigate was formed on responses from 21,009 North American travelers who trafficked by during slightest one domestic or general airfield with both depart and attainment practice (excluding joining airports) from Jul by Oct 2015.





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