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ISIS Raped and Sold Yazidi Women and Girls for Sex: Report

ISIS Raped and Sold Yazidi Women and Girls for Sex: Report

Women and girls were raped, forced into passionate labour and driven to self-murder by ISIS militants violent by northern Iraq, according to intolerable personal testimonies published Tuesday in a news by Amnesty International. ISIS militants abducted “hundreds, presumably thousands” of organisation and women from a Yezidi minority organisation who were journey a takeover of a Sinjar segment in August, a “Escape from Hell” report said.

“Younger women and girls, some as immature as 12, were distant from their kin and comparison kin and sold, given as gifts or forced to marry [ISIS] fighters and supporters,” according to a report, that was formed on interviews with 42 women and girls who had transient a militants. Some of a women were sole for as small as $25 dollars, Amnesty said.

One 19-year-old lady from Sinjar killed herself while in chains in Mosul, an transient serf named Luna told Amnesty. “Jilan killed herself in a bathroom. She was really beautiful. we consider she knew that she was going to be taken divided by a male and that is because she killed herself,” 20-year-old Luna said. Another girl, Arwa, 15, told how 62 of her kin were still in ISIS hands. “I was raped,” she told Amnesty. “My cousin was not molested; they wanted to take her to marry her to a male though in a finish they left her with us and afterwards we managed to escape.” Amnesty pronounced a infancy of those abducted sojourn in chains and pronounced a abduction and forced matrimony by ISIS fighters constitutes a fight crime.



– Alastair Jamieson

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