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Is Fujifilm’s Michael Kors present camera any good?

Is Fujifilm’s Michael Kors present camera any good?

At what indicate does a Michael Kors code stop definition anything?

Perhaps when it’s slapped on an present camera. In a latest partnership, Fujifilm has expelled a Michael Kors-branded chronicle of a Instax Mini 70 present camera.

The bullion and black present camera is radically a various of Fujfilm’s existent Stardust Gold camera with dual large differences: It says Michael Kors on a front and has his signature on a behind of a film door. 


Image: lili sams/mashable

No, Kors didn’t indeed pointer any camera (that would have been so most cooler). He usually protected his name out like a billion branded products that have Coca-Cola’s trademark intoxicated all over them.

Still, a Mini 70 is a plain present film camera, nonetheless not as as neat as a Instax Mini 90. It’s got a integrate of sharpened modes (macro, landscape, forced peep and high-key) and a timer.

There are several modes including a selfie mode.


Of note is a singular selfie mode, that is means to adjust a lens to concentration as tighten as 11 inches for crook selfies. Very critical for perfecting your steep face. On a front is a counterpart for framing your selfies. 

And if an arm’s length isn’t prolonged adequate to fist in we and your friends, there’s a tripod mountain on a bottom for attaching it to a heavy-duty selfie stick. Or on a unchanging tripod with a timer duty incited on.

The viewfinder is also incomparable than on a company’s Fujifilm Instax Mini 8. You don’t have to flicker as tough to see directly by it.

Holds a container of 10 sheets of present film.


The viewfinder is incomparable and crook than comparison Fujifilm Instax film cameras.


The Mini 70 takes a container (10 sheets in each) of mini Instax film. The Michael Kors book comes with a container of present film included. Film is flattering affordable during around $8.99 for 10 sheets (in rainbow frames), $11.50 for 20 sheets, $20.48 for 30 sheets (20 white and 10 rainbow), and $35.95 for 60 sheets.

The usually thing that I’m not lustful of is a CR2 batteries it uses. Not accurately a common battery type. we most cite a Mini 8’s AA batteries or a Mini 90’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Image: lili sams/mashable

For a consequence of value, let’s break a numbers to see if a Michael Kors branding is value it. The Mini 70 retails for $140 but any film. The Michael Kors retails for $150 with 20 sheets of film. It’s roughly on standard with shopping a unchanging Mini 70 and a 20-sheet container of film separately.

However! If we demeanour on Amazon, we can find usually a Mini 70 for anywhere between $95 to $120. 

Toss in a 20-sheet container with any one and you’re looking during a camera and film sum of anywhere between $106.50 to $130.50, that really lands we some savings.

So, to Michael Kors or not Michael Kors? Personally, I’d contend no. But if you’re a biggest Michael Kors fan ever, like Mashable Deputy Tech Editor Damon Beres, this chronicle of a Instax Mini 70 is a no-brainer.

Fujifilm Instax Michael Kores Mini 70

The Good

Every bit as glorious as a unchanging Mini 70

The Bad

Has Michael Kors branding slapped all over it Uses CR2 batteries

The Bottom Line

Even but a Micael Kors branding, this special book of a Fujifilm Mini 70 present film camera is a win in value.

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