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Irving Azoff to New YouTube Music Chief Lyor Cohen: ‘We Are Counting On You’

Irving Azoff to New YouTube Music Chief Lyor Cohen: ‘We Are Counting On You’

While many total in a song attention have been rarely vicious of YouTube’s policies per remuneration and policing of song on a company’s site, few have been some-more so than maestro manager and executive Irving Azoff.

Earlier this week, Azoff called a company’s practices with courtesy to egghead property “really evil,”  and in June, he wrote a prolonged open minute that pronounced in part: “YouTube, ask yourself this question: If we are profitable so good and providing such a good use to artists, afterwards because is there conflict between we and a artistic community? You can censure a labels and publishers … But a base of a problem here is you: You have built a business that works unequivocally good for we and for [parent company] Google, though it doesn’t work good for artists. If we consider it is usually a labels and publishers who are complaining, we are wrong.”

With a proclamation Wednesday (Sept. 28) that longtime executive Lyor Cohen — formerly of Warner Music, Def Jam Records and Rush Management — would be allocated YouTube’s tellurian conduct of music, Billboard reached out to Azoff for comment. His response was one of encouragement and optimism:

“As a inclusive manager, tag executive and tag owner, Lyor has a prolonged story as a defender of artist rights,” he said. “We are counting on you, Lyor, to lead YouTube to yield satisfactory payments to artists and give them some-more artistic control. Congratulations, Lyor, we know you can get it done.” 

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A YouTube repute responded to some of Azoff’s comments progressing this week, observant “99.5 percent of sound recording claims are programmed by Content ID — meaning usually 0.5 percent are claimed manually. In other words, the complement works impossibly well, with programmed claiming distant outnumbering what a [record] labels are doing manually.”

Billboard will have most some-more on this news in a entrance days. 



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