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Iraqi army reportedly lift behind from Tikrit amid extreme fighting with ISIS militants

Iraqi army reportedly lift behind from Tikrit amid extreme fighting with ISIS militants

June 28, 2014: Iraqi sovereign policemen unit in Baghdad’s Abu Ghraib suburb. Iraqi infantry corroborated by helicopter gunships launched an operation early Saturday directed during dislodging Sunni militants from a northern city of Tikrit, one of dual vital civic centers they seized in new weeks in a thespian bombard opposite a country. (AP Photo/Karim Kadim)

Iraqi supervision army have reportedly been forced to lift behind from a northern city of Tikrit after an descent to retrieve a city from Sunni Muslim militants was dull by extreme fighting.

The BBC, citing eyewitnesses, reported Sunday that a Iraqi army had depressed behind to a city of Dijla, approximately 15 miles to a south. The witnesses pronounced that a supervision forces’ expostulate to retake Tikrit had been hampered in partial my a immeasurable array of makeshift bomb inclination laid on a proceed to a city. The witnesses pronounced that confidence army continued to bombard a city, nonetheless what repairs those shells might have finished is unclear. 

Iraqi officials had claimed that infantry had pushed into a heart of a city in what was the biggest try nonetheless by a Baghdad supervision to retreat a array of defeats suffered progressing this month during a hands of a Al Qaeda-inspired Islamic State in Iraq and The Levant (ISIS). The militants have surged opposite Sunni-majority areas of a north and west, ominous a collateral and bringing a supervision of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to a margin of fall in a process. 

Tikrit, a hometown of former Iraq tyrant Saddam Hussein, was overshoot by ISIS fighters on Jun 11 as partial of an descent that also swallowed adult Iraq’s second-largest city, Mosul. 

Saturday’s fighting began before emergence with helicopter gunships carrying out airstrikes on insurgents who were aggressive infantry during a university campus on Tikrit’s northern outskirts, Iraqi infantry orator Lt. Gen. Qassim al-Moussawi said. The supervision army had determined a front on a university’s sprawling drift after being airlifted in a prior day.

Sporadic clashes continued via a day during a university. At a same time, several columns of infantry pushed north toward Tikrit from Samarra, a city along a banks of a Tigris River and home to an critical Shiite shrine, a comparison confidence central pronounced on condition of anonymity given he was not certified to brief a media.

By sundown, Lt. Gen. Ahmed Abu Ragheef, a commander in a Salahuddin Operational Command, pronounced a mainstay of infantry had reached a corner of Tikrit, while another had cumulative an atmosphere bottom that formerly served as a U.S. infantry trickery famous as Camp Speicher.

The administrator of Salahuddin province, Ahmed Abdullah al-Jabouri, told The Associated Press that infantry pushed into Tikrit itself, reaching a provincial legislature building.

However, residents reached by write Saturday dusk pronounced militants were still in control of Tikrit, a primarily Sunni city of some-more than 200,000, and patrolling a city’s streets.

They reliable a clashes around a university, and reported fighting between a Islamic State and Iraqi army to a southeast of a city as well. Some residents described black fume rising from a presidential house formidable located along a corner of a Tigris River after army helicopters non-stop glow on a compound.

They spoke on condition of anonymity out of regard for their safety.

Many locals had already fled a city in expectation of a supervision assault, pronounced another Tikrit resident, Muhanad Saif al-Din.

“Tikrit has turn a spook city given a lot of people left over a past 72 hours, fearing pointless aerial barrage and probable clashes as a army advances toward a city,” Saif al-Din said. “The few people who sojourn are fearful of probable punish acts by Shiite militiamen who are concomitant a army. We are pacific civilians and we do not wish to be victims of this struggle.”

He pronounced a city has been but energy or H2O given Friday night.

The infantry also carried out 3 airstrikes on a insurgent-held city of Mosul early Saturday. Mosul is Iraq’s second-largest city, and was a initial aim of a Islamic State’s descent in a country.

The airstrikes come after a comparison U.S. Defense central reliable to Fox News that a United States is drifting armed drones over Iraq, nonetheless a aircraft are not being sent during this time to rivet Sunni belligerent fighters.

The U.S. already was drifting notice drones over a country, and a preference to dispatch armed drones outlines an escalation. But a armed drones, during this stage, still are usually in place for notice purposes.

The Iraq supervision perceived an combined boost in a quarrel opposite a militants with a smoothness Saturday in Baghdad of 5 Russian-made Sukhoi jets. Two Iraqi confidence officials reliable attainment of a planes, that Iraq purchased secondhand from Russia.

“We are in obligatory need of this form of aircraft during this formidable time,” pronounced Iraqi atmosphere force commander Lt. Gen. Anwar Hama Amin. “These jets will enter use within a few days — a entrance 3 or 4 days — in sequence to support a units and to quarrel a militant ISIL organization.”

Video supposing by a Iraqi Defense Ministry late Saturday showed a jets being unloaded from a immeasurable load plane.

South of Baghdad, complicated clashes between confidence army and Sunni insurgents in a city of Jurf al-Sakhar killed during slightest 21 infantry and dozens of militants, military and sanatorium officials pronounced on condition of anonymity given they were certified to brief a media. Jurf al-Sakhar, located some 30 miles outward a capital, is partial of a primarily Sunni badge that runs only south of Baghdad.

The Islamic State, that already has seized control of immeasurable swaths in northern and eastern Syria, aims to emanate a state straddling Syria and Iraq governed by Islamic law. In Iraq, a organisation has shaped an fondness of sorts with associate Islamic militants as good as former members of Saddam’s Baath celebration to quarrel al-Maliki’s Shiite-led government.

The militants have tapped into entrenched displeasure among Iraq’s Sunni village with al-Maliki, who has been widely indicted of monopolizing energy and alienating Sunnis.

The United States and other universe powers have pulpy al-Maliki to strech out to a country’s Sunni and Kurdish minorities and have called for a some-more thorough supervision that can residence longstanding grievances.

Al-Maliki is fighting to keep his post, that he has hold given 2006, as many former allies dump their support and Iraqis increasingly demonstrate doubts about his ability to harmonize a country. But he appears set on a third uninterrupted tenure as primary apportion after his confederation won a many seats in Apr elections.

Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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