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IPhone 8 Rumors: Is Apple Planning A Complete Overhaul?

IPhone 8 Rumors: Is Apple Planning A Complete Overhaul?

Apple launched the iPhone 7 models in early September. They’re faster, shinier versions of their predecessors. A integrate of vital changes embody a rejecting of a headphone jack and a iPhone 7 Plus indication has a fantastic dual-lens camera. Tim Cook even showed off some of a good photos taken with it.

Well, can we trust that there are already rumors present about a iPhone 8? It’s true!

Because a 10th anniversary of a iPhone is in 2017, Apple is approaching to lift out all of a stops to come adult with a best smartphone ever.

An unknown worker during an Apple site in Israel where iPhone 8 hardware is being developed, has leaked sum about a new gadget. The worker told “Business Insider” that a iPhone 8 will have a totally opposite demeanour than prior models.

Rumored iPhone 8 features

  • Better camera – As usual, a subsequent iPhone is pronounced to come with a improved camera than those on comparison models.
  • Edge-to-edge OLED display – Interest in OLED screens is approaching due to a fact that they are thinner than customary LED options, and can furnish crisper colors. This creates them ideal for formulating an extended user experience while permitting a manufacturers to continue producing thinner phone models.
  • Curved edges – The iPhone 8 could be cased in winding potion that is done from glass metal.
  • No home button – Apple’s 3D Touch record along with a new TouchID scanner embedded underneath a shade could discharge a need for a home button.

Apple’s normal report is to recover a new model, and afterwards an “S” chronicle of that indication a following year. Since 2017 is a 10th anniversary, it’s approaching to bypass a iPhone 7s and burst right to a iPhone 8. Keep checking behind with the Happening Now territory for some-more rumors and updates.

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