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iPhone 6C: What we know about Apple’s rumored ‘iPhone Mini’

iPhone 6C: What we know about Apple’s rumored ‘iPhone Mini’

What a rumored iPhone 6C could demeanour like. Photo pleasantness of Lukas Baxa during

Lukas Baxa

Apple’s customary sell lineup includes a 3 many new iPhone models. At a moment, a portfolio extends from a comparatively new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus to 2014’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to a iPhone 5S, introduced behind in 2013. In a run-up to a many new launch this fall, there was many conjecture as to a predestine of Apple’s iPhone 5C; would a association modernise or banish it? Alas, that indication — radically a cosmetic 2013 reconstitute of a 2012 iPhone 5 — it was strictly put out to pasture, withdrawal a 5S to occupy a entry-level slot.

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Given a popularity of a 4-inch form factor, it’s utterly approaching that Apple will deliver a deputy for a aging iPhone 5S — during some point. Of course, with a 6S nomenclature already taken, a association will have to adopt an choice coinage. Currently, a heading claimant seems to be a iPhone 6C, nonetheless a iPhone Mini has also been bandied about.

In a deficiency of any tough contribution from Cupertino, however, a Internet will continue to feed a opening of information with all demeanour of conjecture and hearsay, convincing and otherwise. We benefaction here a curated collection of a latest rumors, leaks, and indeterminate pronouncements done by opposite supply sequence sources about a supposed iPhone 6C.

Announcement and recover dates

Apple customarily introduces a new iPhones in a fall; announced on Sep 9, a 6S and 6S Plus initial seemed in stores on Sep 25, 2015. The subsequent vital refurbish — approaching to be a launch of a iPhone 7 — is approaching to come as kids conduct behind to propagandize in 2016.

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An entry-level product like a iPhone 6C could evidently come sooner. Some sources are stating that Apple is formulation a product introduction for Mar 2016. Given that this timing would coincide a Apple Watch’s initial birthday, it’s rarely approaching that such an eventuality would be focused on a successor. And nonetheless it’s trustworthy that a iPhone 6C could also arrive then, with a sell launch following only days later.

That noted, Apple Insider reports that maestro Apple tea-leaf reader Gene Munster expects that a iPhone 6C might indeed be introduced alongside a iPhone 7 subsequent September. (Would it afterwards be called “iPhone 7C”? That’s anybody’s guess.)


Sources news that Cupertino has already grown a series of iPhone 7 prototypes, and Ming-Chi Kuo, a distinguished Apple researcher who works a supply sequence for hints and clues, has expected that a association will indeed pierce out a new 4-inch model. From a pattern perspective, it stays opposite either a iPhone 6C will follow in a footsteps of a aluminum iPhone 5S or a candy-colored polycarbonate iPhone 5C.

Apple’s iPhone 5S (left) and iPhone 5C.


In a tradition of Apple’s brightly colored iPods of old, a 5C positively supposing a really opposite cultured palette from a evident lead predecessors and successors. And given that a stream portfolio sticks to a flattering elementary operation of colors — silver, space gray, gold, and rose bullion — a witty rainbow of a 5C would be a acquire option.

Don’t pattern 3D Touch.

James Martin/CNET

One quite engaging gossip posits that destiny iPhones might do though a earthy home button, disposition on a pressure-sensitive 3D Touch shade and hands-free functionality of Siri instead. Certainly, a buttonless iPhone would be a healthy pierce for a association with such a clever welfare for purify lines and elementary design. It would also concede a vast tip and bottom bezels to shrink, effectively permitting Apple to fist a incomparable shade into a same distance body. But such a radical redesign would roughly positively be indifferent for a iPhone 7, not a stepdown, entry-level that a 6C would be. Likewise, a combined cost and weight that 3D Touch would need seem distant over a reach of 6C.

In other words, don’t pattern a iPhone 6C to demeanour all that opposite from a iPhone 5S.


There is a quite durable gossip about a turquoise display, that would offer a aloft grade of blemish and shatter-resistance than a stream models’ Gorilla Glass. In fact, a higher-end Apple Watch models have turquoise displays — as good as OLED record that provides best-in-class black levels, contrast, and colors on a flourishing collection of smartphones (including a Samsung Galaxy S6).

Expect a iPhone 6C to keep a same 4-inch shade as a 5S (far left). The iPhone 6 (4.7-inch screen) is center, and a iPhone 6 Plus (5.5-inch screen) is distant right.

Sarah Tew

Apple uses LED backlit LCD record for a stream iPhones’ Retina displays, and there has been conjecture that Apple will eventually switch to OLED displays, though not until 2018.

So, again, this ascent would many approaching entrance on whatever indication succeeds a iPhone 7 — and roughly positively not on a iPhone 6C.

Under a hood

If we assume that a 6C will turn Apple’s new entry-level model, don’t pattern a latest and biggest specs on this model. That said, it’s probable that Apple could pierce from a 2013-era A7 chip found in a iPhone 5S, and use a same A8 chip from a some-more new iPhone 6/6 Plus. If true, don’t pattern Live Photos (which are contingent on a newer A9 processor.)

Likewise, it would make clarity for Apple to pierce a 6C into line with a rest of a iPhone line with a further of Apple Pay. That will need a further of NFC, that wasn’t enclosed in a iPhone 5S.

On a camera side, don’t pattern cutting-edge. That means a 6C will approaching hang with a same 8-megapixel indication from a iPhone 6/6 Plus, and will roughly positively abstain a visual picture stabilization found in a top-end iPhone 6S Plus.

Powering a device is a a exclusive 64-bit A9 chip processor that Apple says offers 70 percent computing opening (CPU) and 90 percent faster graphics opening (GPU).

Screenshot by David Carnoy/CNET

For storage capacity, expectations should further be kept in check. The 5S is now accessible in 16GB and 32GB capacities; pattern a same for a 6C.

The newest iPhone have glorious 4G LTE coverage that work with a far-reaching operation of wireless carriers around a world. If Apple wants to aim this phone as widely as possible, it would make clarity for a association to use that same arrange of one-size-fits-all proceed for a 6C’s wireless capabilities as well.


This is a large one.

For years, analysts have been job for a some-more affordable iPhone — mostly though realizing that it was in front of them all a time. Apple has forsaken a 2-year-old indication to a entry-level “free on agreement or $450/£379/AU$749” for years now. But with a iPhone 6C, will they hang with that pricing model? Raise it since it will be a “new” phone? Or reduce it to keep adult with a increasingly able models like a Moto G and Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 that are attack a marketplace during prices as low as $250, contract-free?

The answer, again, is anybody’s guess. But if this is replacing a 5S during a bottom of a line, a protected gamble is that a cost stays a same. Apple can afterwards always dump it later, or simply concede carriers in certain markets to adjust pricing and incentives accordingly.

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Scroll down for a reverse-chronological demeanour during a latest rumors.

December 5, 2015

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August 27, 2015

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