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Inside a Lonely World of Athina Onassis

Inside a Lonely World of Athina Onassis

Less than 4 years after a immature heiress changed out of Roussel’s home to live in Brussels. She also subsequently renewed her Greek pass (which her mom had performed for her), forsaken out of school, and began scheming a authorised box opposite her father to devaluate a power-of-attorney request that he had swayed her to sign.

Athina had turn increasingly ardent about riding, and when she was 17 she enrolled in an equestrian school, Haras de Ligny, in Fleurus, Belgium, run by Nelson Pessoa, a former Olympic supplement from Brazil. One of a initial things Pessoa did was deliver her to another student, Alvaro de Miranda Neto. The large six-foot-two athlete, a son of a São Paulo word executive, was 12 years her comparison and had won bronze medals in uncover jumping during a 1996 and 2000 Olympics.

The intrigue proceeded quickly notwithstanding a fact that Doda had a two-year-old daughter, Viviane, with his longtime girlfriend, Cibele Dorsa. The child’s mother, a indication and actress, had only left Brussels to try-out for radio roles behind in Brazil. On Jan 29, 2003, a few months after assembly Doda, Athina incited 18. Soon afterward, she trafficked with him to Brazil to accommodate his family. Within months she had purchased a 10,600-square-foot duplex with space for 15 cars in a best area in São Paulo for approximately $5 million. She also bought, for $320,000, a cow named Esperança for Doda’s farm. (Athina is not impracticable when it comes to garments or jewelry, though she is peaceful to compensate soaring amounts for esteem horses and cattle.)

Meanwhile, a sad Cibele gave interviews reporting that “Doda exchanged me for Athina’s money” and “he always told me he found her fat and ugly.”

Roussel against Athina’s intrigue with Doda from a beginning, that exacerbated a difference in his attribute with his daughter. Then, in 2004, Athina instituted authorised record to take full control of her fortune, some of that Roussel had allegedly hidden. Many observers likely a prolonged and open conflict identical to a one Roussel had had with a Greek trustees, though by a finish of a year he had reportedly sealed an agreement releasing all of Athina’s resources to her in lapse for a allotment rumored to be around $100 million.

The same summer, before a Olympic games in Athens, Athina and Doda went to Greece, where, as Nicolas Paraschis, boss of a Hellenic Equestrian Federation, told us, “she attempted to get her fiancé to float for a Greek team.” Despite her resources and connections, “she couldn’t settle him as a Greek resident, and he was not permitted.” As partial of a effort, Athina asked a relations in Athens to contend that she and Doda lived with her, though a cousin was not means to convince a pivotal apportion in a Greek government. It was a final time she ever listened from Athina.

The new integrate done another large preference in 2004: They got engaged. One of a initial people they told was Konstantinos Kotronakis, a titular Greek consul in Recife, Brazil, whom they asked to be best man. The marriage was hold in Dec of a following year in a specifically assembled church on a drift of São Paulo’s Maria Luisa and Oscar Americano Foundation. One thousand guest were mailed captivating cards extenuation entrance by parsimonious confidence during a outdoor gates. Sheets of cosmetic were hung around a alfresco structure, so while a throng of photographers collected outward a property, a images they managed to fire by a screen were blurry.

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