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Indiana male travels in backpack, comes home to assistance others

Indiana male travels in backpack, comes home to assistance others

Kevan Chandler is carried by one of his friends during a 3 week debate of Europe. (Courtesy: We Carry Kevan)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) –  From Abbey Road, to The Eiffel Tower, to an ancient Irish isle– a Fort Wayne male saw it all in a backpack.

NewsChannel 15 told we about Kevan Chandler this spring. He has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and was removing prepared to transport Europe while his friends carried him in a backpack.

Kevan is behind yet his tour is not over.

“[We] spent a week in France, a week in England and a week in Ireland.” Kevan said. “Every singular one was unbelievable.”

Kevan  got a viewpoint of a universe a lot of us will never have. The 30-year-old went on his outing of a lifetime while his friends carried him in a backpack.

“We got so many opposite looks,” Kevan said.

Some people asked what they were doing, yet roving with 7 guys, one in a backpack, and a documentary organisation what they were doing was apparent to many people.

“I consider my favorite was when people would see us from a stretch and we would notice they were kind of examination us and after a while they’d only kind of grin and do their possess thing,” Kevan said.

Narrowing down his favorite partial of a outing was substantially a hardest doubt Kevan was asked.

“Everyone asks me what my favorite partial is we still have no idea,” Kevan said. “Whether it was dancing in a streets in Paris or unresolved with gypsies on a Seine River.”

The 3 week outing is over, and Kevan is behind in Fort Wayne. His work isn’t finished though. Now he wants to assistance others perform their dreams.

“So what that looks like is we are operative with a few families who have kids with disabilities and assisting them pattern backpacks for their kids,” Kevan said.

A documentary is in a works and Kevan skeleton to write a book about a trip. He hopes a loyal art is what is left in a minds of those who saw him on his European adventure.

“So most of a purpose was to build amour and get people thinking,” Kevan said.

The organisation Kevan and his friends combined is called “We Carry Kevan.”.You can find out some-more on how we can get concerned on a Facebook page, website and Instagram account. Although Kevan is focusing on assisting others right now, a organisation does wish to do another trip. They’re meditative China so they can travel some of a Great Wall.

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