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In AFC East, 7-0 Patriots have no rivals – Bills Blitz

In AFC East, 7-0 Patriots have no rivals – Bills Blitz

If a review hadn’t already stretched over local dominance, it did so by halftime during Gillette Stadium on Thursday night.

By then, it was painfully transparent that no one was throwing – or, for that matter, was even going to bluster to locate – a 7-0 New England Patriots as they beat their approach to a seventh uninterrupted AFC East climax and 13th in 15 seasons.

Some stupid dreamers indeed suspicion a Miami Dolphins – after a large investment in Ndamukong Suh and after their receiving-corps makeover and after presumption Ryan Tannehill was about to turn something some-more than another post-Dan Marino quarterback disaster – competence strike a Patriots from their perch. Those beliefs fast faded, though rekindled after Miami altered coaches and rolled to back-to-back wins opposite Tennessee and Houston by a total measure of 82-36.

Then, in a diminutive hours of Friday morning, they were scraping Dolphin highway kill off of Route 1 in Foxborough, Mass., after a Patriots’ 36-7 Thursday night massacre.

A few delusional prognosticators dared to prognosticate a Buffalo Bills – after employing remarkable Brady coaching nemesis Rex Ryan and loading adult with descent playmakers – would do a dethroning. Week Two during The Ralph put an finish to that.

The Patriots are 3-0 in a AFC East, though who, with even an unit of objectivity, doesn’t consider they’ll go 6-0 opposite their multiplication opponents? Who doesn’t consider a Pats have many incomparable fish to grill than a Fish or a Bills or a Jets? Who doesn’t see them finishing 19-0, that usually so happened to be a halftime measure Thursday night, and hoisting a fifth Lombardi Trophy in February?

With usually 3 days to prepare, Tom Brady hardly pennyless a persperate in shredding a Dolphins for 4 touchdown passes. But a frightful partial wasn’t that a Dolphins had 0 answers for a NFL’s biggest quarterback (despite a peach-fuzzed faces of many of his descent linemen) or Rob Gronkowski, a parsimonious finish who will one day join Brady in Canton, or Julian Edelman, a 5-foot-10 seventh-rounder who continues to make a hoax of many taller receivers with a first-round pedigree, or Dion Lewis, a rapid using behind plucked off a free-agent rabble store who wasn’t estimable of being mentioned by Ryan in September.

The frightful partial was a Patriots’ defense, that sacked Tannehill 5 times and put an sudden hindrance to Miami’s two-week run of descent fireworks. The reputed Achilles of New England’s hopes for a Super Bowl repeat appears to be attack a walk during usually a right time.

Listing all of a reasons because there appears to be no interlude a Patriots is like listening to a damaged record:

• Brady is creation each group on a report feel his Deflategate rage.

• Bill Belichick is a smartest manager in a story of a game.

• Outside of presumably Denver, there isn’t another competition by a final 9 weeks of a deteriorate that looks like genuine trouble. And by a time that Broncos diversion rolls around on Nov. 29, who knows what Peyton Manning’s unsure health standing will be?

The Bills showed what they’re all about when they not usually fell into a 24-point hole opposite squalid Jacksonville on Sunday, though unsuccessful to tighten a understanding with their self-proclaimed widespread invulnerability after holding a fourth-quarter lead.

They staggered into a bye with a 3-4 record, a two-game losing streak, a whole lot of injuries and even some-more questions on both sides of a ball. As a Patriots float a 10-game dominant strain that dates to final January’s divisional-round delight opposite Baltimore, a Bills are still reckoning out how to win dual games in a row.

Put a flare in a Dolphins. They valid that whatever happened in a dual games they played before Thursday night had a whole lot reduction to do with Dan Campbell replacing Joe Philbin and energizing a routine group than it did with a Titans and Texans simply portion as a collection of restraint dummies. They also mislaid tip pass-rusher Cameron Wake to a season-ending Achilles damage opposite a Patriots.

The Jets are a sole AFC East group that has demonstrated a ability to have during slightest a puncher’s possibility opposite New England. Their invulnerability did a good pursuit of confounding Brady for 3 buliding final Sunday, assisting them build a 20-16 lead that he eventually done disappear with a span of fourth-quarter scoring throws. The problem with a Jets is that Ryan Fitzpatrick is their quarterback, and he isn’t going to outduel Brady any some-more than Tyrod Taylor, EJ Manuel or Tannehill is going to outduel Brady.

The usually contention value carrying about a Patriots is what will occur after their Jan. 3 regular-season culmination during Miami (which should be about 3 weeks after they’ve wrapped adult a multiplication crown). That’s when they figure to mixed with a usually other group that looks to be anywhere tighten to their rival level, a 6-0 Cincinnati Bengals, who’ve done an art form out of flopping in a postseason. Perhaps there will be a second go-around with a 6-0 Broncos, who do have a championship-caliber defense.

But if you’re unequivocally being honest with yourself, you’ve already fast-forwarded past a local turn and discussion championship games and graphic what was so easy to prognosticate by halftime Thursday night (if not many sooner): Patriots vs. Green Bay Packers, Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers, in Super Bowl 50.

At this point, all else usually seems like a things of stupid dreams.



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