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Ice bucket plea mom suffers suspected damaged neck after knocking …

Ice bucket plea mom suffers suspected damaged neck after knocking …

  • Amanda Davey’s mom Irene poured H2O over her in garden in Southport
  • But as she ran into residence to get dry, Ms Davey, 42, slipped on kitchen floor 
  • She landed on her conduct and was left with severe whiplash and bruising 
  • Mother-of-two: ‘I had a outrageous strike and my scalp was black, blue and purple’

Steph Cockroft for MailOnline


A mom was left with a suspected damaged neck after knocking herself comatose while doing a ice bucket challenge.

Amanda Davey, 40, from Southport, asked her mom Irene Vitali to suffuse her with a iced H2O as partial of a latest disturb unconditional a internet.

After receiving a soaking, Ms Davey raced into a kitchen to dry herself off, sorrow from a startle of a solidified water.

Scroll down for video 

Amanda Davey took partial in a ice bucket challenge She got her mom Irene to flow H2O over her head

Amanda Davey, 42, graphic sitting in a chair left and right, asked her mom Irene to flow a bucket of solidified H2O over her as partial of a ice bucket challenge 

The 40-year-old from Southport was filmed doing a challenge After, she ran inside to get herself dry

During a 57-second clip, Ms Davey is seen sorrow as a H2O is poured over her, left, before racing inside to get herself dry, graphic right 

But a beauty therapist slipped on a tiled floor, banging her conduct and knocking herself unconscious.

Once she came around, her discuss was slurred – and doctors suspected she could have a damaged neck. Ms Davey was after diagnosed with serious whiplash and bruising

The 53-second shave of a tumble has now spin an online hit, receiving some-more than 1,500 likes on a Facebook page ‘Ice bucket plea fails’.

Ms Davey said: ‘My legs usually went from underneath me and we was knocked out for a few seconds. When we non-stop my eyes my silent was seeking if we was OK.

‘I had pins and needles all down my arms and when we went to pronounce slurred difference came out. we had usually had half a potion of wine, so we know it wasn’t that. 

‘I knew we had unequivocally banged my head, we had a outrageous strike and my scalp was black, blue and purple.’

Ms Davey attempted to take a flourishing down with solidified vegetables. But when she woke adult in anguish and incompetent to spin her neck, she motionless to go to AE.

She said: ‘The sanatorium suspicion we competence have damaged my neck and we was there for 3 hours though a alloy pronounced we had been unequivocally propitious and usually had serious whiplash. 

But she slipped on a kitchen floor She knocked herself comatose and had to go to hospital

But as she runs into a kitchen, Ms Davey slips on a kitchen building – withdrawal her with serious whiplash that doctors primarily suspicion was a damaged neck 

‘In sanatorium they told me they had had a few people come in who had slipped and banged themselves.’ 

She added: ‘It wasn’t humorous during a time though it is unequivocally humorous to watch, we can’t assistance though laugh. we would do it again – though though a fall.

‘So many people were revelation me when we posted it that it was a best one yet. Then they were seeking me if we was ok.’

Ms Davey is advising other participants not to run after a plea before stealing dry.

She said: ‘You tell kids during swimming pools when they are small not to run as they will slip. But when we are solidified cold we don’t consider about it.

‘My boys saw a video and suspicion it was hilarious, they were not even remotely endangered that we had harm myself.

‘I went with a bang, though we am here to tell a tale. My recommendation to those doing it is don’t run anywhere. Stand and take it and get dusty first.’

The challenge, that has lifted millions for charity, involves participants pouring a bucket of solidified H2O over their heads. 


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