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Hunger Games goes on but actor Seymour Hoffman, executive says

Hunger Games goes on but actor Seymour Hoffman, executive says

CANNES France (Reuters) – The genocide of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman by an random drug overdose in Feb has not sidelined prolongation of a latest installment of “Hunger Games,” a executive said.

Director Francis Lawrence and a stars of a blockbuster franchise, including Oscar-winning singer Jennifer Lawrence (no relation), spoke to Reuters during a Cannes Film Festival.

Seymour Hoffman’s remarkable genocide in New York occurred while a latest installment in a blockbuster series, “Mockingjay Part 1” was still being shot.

He played a executive purpose in a film as Plutarch Heavensbee, a Head Gamemaker determining a annual televised quarrel to a genocide between boys and girls in a post-apocalyptic republic of Panem.

Rather than recasting a role, executive Francis Lawrence chose to work on book rewrites to get around a detriment of his character.

Seymour Hoffman – who won a Best Actor Oscar in 2005 for his purpose as Truman Capote in “Capote” – had shot a bulk of his partial before his death, Lawrence said.

“He was scheduled for 50 days or so and he had shot about 42 or 43 of those days,” Lawrence said. “He had about 8 days left though a beef of his opening was already finished.”

“There were a integrate of scenes that were flattering estimable that we finished adult giving to other actors to take over and apparently nonetheless nobody is a deputy for Phil, a story still works.”

Big-budget cinema that are not competing in a prestigious film festival, such as “Hunger Games”, mostly come to Cannes with their stars to drum adult publicity.

The prior dual “Hunger Games” films grossed some-more than $400 million in worldwide box bureau profits on their melodramatic releases. The books by Suzanne Collins on that a films are formed have sole some-more than 65 million copies in a United States alone. 

(Editing by Alexandria Sage and Angus MacSwan)

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