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How Tyson a ‘Naked Traveller’ travels a universe on $30 a day

How Tyson a ‘Naked Traveller’ travels a universe on $30 a day

Tyson Mayr, “The Naked Traveller”, says it’s indeed a some-more rewarding believe to ride on a cheap. And no, we don’t have to get in a clean to do it. Picture: Tyson Mayr

IF we was to tell we it’s probable to ride a universe for reduction than $30 per day, you’d substantially consider we was crazy.

The law is, travelling on a bill is not usually exhilarating, though it opens we adult to a universe of new practice that differently would have never been possible.

My name is Tyson Mayr and I’m famous as The Naked Traveller. In 2009, we took my initial outing overseas. In my initial 12 months of travel, we visited 28 opposite countries, by 6 opposite continents, all for a bill of underneath $10,000.

Now while we do recognize that a approach in that we ride competence not be suitable or beguiling for everyone, hopefully there are collection of what we do that we can practice to your possess ride plans.

Here are my 5 tip tips that concede we to ride anywhere in a universe on $30 a day, all while opening we adult to new sparkling experiences:


What is Couchsurfing? is a website with over 10 million members universe wide. It acts as a tellurian community, by 200,000 opposite cities where we can make hit with other locals, ask them for advice, arrange to accommodate or ask to stay with them. Did we discuss a all for free?

This doesn’t usually save we money, though it will change a approach we travel. Imagine nearing to a city carrying a internal uncover we around, tell we about their favourite spots, prepare we internal food or take we to their friend’s parties. It would be a most opposite believe afterwards following a recommendation we get from your hotel or tourism store.

Couchsurfing and training to prepare Chilli Relleno in Cancun, Mexico. Picture: Tyson Mayr.Source:Supplied

Basically consider of it like this. A network of other travellers, who might not be in a position to ride during that really moment, though display guest around their city or conference their stories allows them to continue that connection.

You can save anywhere from $30-300 a night simply on accommodation while Couchsurfing, however a loyal value is in a internal believe and practice we will get while staying with a local.


Food is since some people travel. But while it’s critical to take partial in internal traditions believe internal meals, eating out for any singular dish can be your biggest income killer! By replacing 2 of your dishes any day with a supermarket alternative, we can potentially save hundreds of dollars any week and still get your local, informative fix.

What works for me:

Breakfast — Carry a enclosure of oats with you. $2 can get we breakfast for a week they are good for you.

Lunch — Pop into a supermarket, collect adult some duck or canned tuna, find a uninformed baguette, a small salad make yourself a healthy lunch.

Alternatively, don’t be fearful to simply ask a internal where we can find good, local, ‘cheap’ food. Do we consider a internal people of Cusco in Peru still recompense $25 for lunch? Find out where they eat do as a locals do!

Eat like a locals do. Picture: Tyson Mayr.Source:Supplied

Or have fish and chips on a beach. Better than any imagination restaurant. Picture: Tyson Mayr.Source:Supplied


Write out a bill so we know accurately how distant your income will take you. If we are formulation on doing Europe for 3 months and we usually have $6,000 — don’t usually contend we will ‘travel cheap’, since we all know how fast a blow out weekend can put a hole in your plans.

Figure out your categorical losses and afterwards mangle that down to a monthly, weekly and daily figure. There will still always be blow outs or astonishing expenses, however gripping an eye on your money, will concede for we to recompense when needed. On a Europe instance above:

$6,000 x 3 months

$2,000 x 1 month

$500 x 1 week

$70 x 1 Day

If we devise on $30 per night for accommodation (average cost of hostels) and $20 for food and $20 for entertainment, any income we save from possibly Couchsurfing or supermarket food can go towards some-more drink or traveller attractions. Win, win.

Use open ride or transport any event we can. Taxis will fast supplement up, even in cheaper countries, so since not use your feet falcon whenever we can. Not usually are we removing exercise, we are removing a most larger feel for where we are. And let’s face it, you’re substantially not going to a gym, so opt to transport any possibility we can and kill dual birds with one stone.

A transport we can do usually 30 mins from Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro. Picture: Tyson MayrSource:Supplied


While we adore zero some-more than travelling with a wind, a small investigate can go a prolonged way. Flights hotels can be significantly cheaper during certain times of a year so a small additional investigate positively can go a prolonged way. Subscribe to websites famous for ride specials and spend a small time researching a end or track we are visiting. There is always a cheaper choice and there are always a series of activities that we can find for free!

Cooking beef on Lava as it flows from a Volcano — A devise Tyson’s couchsurfing horde in Hawaii organized for free.Source:Supplied

My initial time visiting Machu Picchu cost me $120 to arrive, travelling by a sight from Cusco. Two years later, we did a small investigate with locals on Couchsurfing (once again one of a best investigate collection — ask a internal directly) and found a track where we ride by internal train to 3 opposite villages and transport for a final dual hours along a Inca trail. Not usually did we ride with a internal people and see villages and collection of a jungle that aren’t riddled with tourists, we did a whole outing for usually underneath $12.

Mind you, there was a domestic criticism that day and we might have finished adult travelling with an indignant criticism host for partial of that, though all partial of a adventure, hey.

Ultimately, ride is singular to any individual. As prolonged as we are deferential to others, there is no right approach of doing it. For me we have always gifted my richest ride practice when travelling on a budget, as there is distant some-more event for a astonishing and we find pulling myself out of my comfort section mostly allows me to learn some-more about myself and a universe around me. Don’t get me wrong, we still adore a cocktail on a white silt beach, though in my opinion, we all need a small journey in the life.

Safe travels, and remember, genuine life practice over element possessions.

Who needs element possessions, or even shirts, when we can believe places like this. Picture: Tyson Mayr.Source:Supplied

Tyson Mayr is an endowment winning ride blogger. Follow Tyson on Twitter and Instagram.

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