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How politics come into play during Desert Trip – Press

How politics come into play during Desert Trip – Press

For many of a artists behaving during a Desert Trip mega unison during a Empire Polo Club in Indio, a low-pitched is a political.

On Sunday, a event, that featured Bob Dylan and a Rolling Stones on Friday, Neil Young and McCartney on Saturday, wrapped a initial weekend with performances by The Who and Roger Waters.

As The Who took a theatre to play a biggest hits Sunday evening, presidential possibilities Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were on theatre for a second presidential discuss of a season.

“I’m going to be listening to it on my headphones before a strain starts,” pronounced La Quinta proprietor Gary Brown, who wore a T-shirt that had an picture of Donald Trump with a word “Nope” underneath it.

Mike and Diane Doyle, of La Quinta, were recording a discuss and formulation to watch later.

“It would meddle with a music,” Mike Doyle said.

On Saturday night, Young, never one to bashful divided from politics and activism, introduced his strain “Welfare Mothers” as “Donald Trump’s new thesis song.”

“I don’t determine with his politics though we adore his music,” Mike Doyle said. “The same with Mr. Waters.”

Before he started a set, he had dual women, dressed as farmers, fake to plant seeds on a stage. Later, group in biohazard suits came and sprayed a stage.

In contrast, Dylan, who wrote some of a many dear criticism songs in strain history, didn’t pronounce to a assembly or acknowledge a choosing during his Friday night set.

On Saturday night, Young even alluded to a politically-tinged set nonetheless to come from Waters, a designer of Pink Floyd’s manuscript “The Wall,” on Sunday night from a stage.

“Come behind since Roger’s gonna build a wall and make Mexico good again,” Young said, a play on Trump’s statements to build a wall and his “Make America Great Again” slogan.

While Autumn Curran, a Cal State University, Long Beach, tyro who was operative during a festival, pronounced she didn’t indispensably determine with a sentiments, she upheld Young’s leisure of speech.

“As an artist, he has a energy to make domestic statements,” she said.

Waters was set to entrance a new uncover privately designed for Desert Trip.

During his final outing to Indio, to title a Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in 2008, another choosing year, a hulk inflatable pig Waters had embellished with domestic messages flew adult into a night sky.

And as he was on stage, a craft forsaken leaflets with then-candidate Barack Obama’s name checked off. They didn’t land over a crowd, though in lawns and swimming pools nearby.

“Politics is good as prolonged as it doesn’t screw adult a concert,” Mike Doyle said.

Staff author Peter Larsen contributed to this report.

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