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Hotels, travels strike tough by freebies in Amaravati

Hotels, travels strike tough by freebies in Amaravati

Amaravati: Free food and giveaway transport being organised by a state supervision and several NGOs for pilgrims to a Krishna Pushkaralu has strike a hotel and transport business hard.

NGOs like a Rice Millers Association, Ramakrishna Mission, ISKON, Akshayapatra etc. have been arranging healthful and juicy food for giveaway for a pilgrims during Pushkarnagar and comparison places. Interestingly, a military dialect is also provision food for giveaway during Pushkar ghats.

The pilgrims are preferring a giveaway food for a ambience and accumulation and this has influenced a business of hotels and restaurants who were awaiting fender business during a Pushkaralu.

Similarly, a transport agencies too have been strike tough due to a APSRTC arranging giveaway transport for pilgrims adult compartment a showering ghats.

The APSRTC is handling 905 train services for Pushkaralu in a Guntur district. There are 15 Pushkar Nagars and APSRTC is charity giveaway transport directly to a ghats from these Pushkar Nagars.

The military has imposed restrictions on cars, motorcycles and other vehicles compartment ghats so a people are utilising a giveaway transport in a buses.

S. Ranga Rao, a transport operator, pronounced that they had minted income during a Godavari Pushkaralu given a direct for cars and vans to strech a ghats was huge. “The giveaway buses have shop-worn a business,” he said, adding that initially, a pilgrims were prepared to compensate adult to Rs 2,500 to strech a ghats from Guntur though now a transport has forsaken to Rs 800.

A automobile driver, N. Ramu pronounced that a pilgrims are preferring to transport in cars and vans from Nellore, Kavali, Ongole and adjacent areas so some drivers have left there and earning well. Similarly, hotelier designed to do good business though a giveaway food has derails these plans.

There are about 500 good eateries in aged Amaravati, Tadepalli, Undavalli, Seetanagaram, Mangalagiri and Guntur though they are doing favoured business, notwithstanding a logging crowds.

A hotelier during aged Amaravati, R. Pratap pronounced that they bought additional groceries and systematic additional milk, spread and butter anticipating of good business during a 12-day festival though a giveaway food has strike them hard.

The giveaway food consists of unfeeling biryani, white rice with curries, sweet, spread and a pilgrims are relishing it. K. Mallesh, a pilgrim, pronounced that giveaway food is utterly juicy and would cost about Rs 70 to Rs 100.

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