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Hostage in video claims Syrian city of Kobani is underneath ISIS control

Hostage in video claims Syrian city of Kobani is underneath ISIS control

(CNN) — ISIS has expelled a new video of British warrant John Cantlie, this time display him in a Syrian limit city of Kobani.

In a shred that lasts for some-more than 5 minutes, Cantlie argues that — distinct Western media accounts of new days — Kobani is mostly underneath control of a apprehension group, that calls itself a Islamic state.

He claims that ISIS fighters are mopping up, and that a all-out conflict for a city is over. Kurdish army in Syria have pronounced a quarrel is distant from finished, and that Iraqi Kurdish army will shortly be fasten them.

Kurdish army and ISIS militants have been contrary in a pivotal limit city for some-more than a month. On Sunday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights pronounced during slightest 800 people have been killed there given a fighting started.

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The video posted online Monday is a latest ISIS has expelled of Cantlie, who’s been hold warrant for scarcely dual years.

The British photojournalist, who also wrote several articles for vital British newspapers, was kidnapped in Nov 2012 along with American publisher James Foley. In a initial video of him expelled by a organisation final month, Cantlie done transparent that he was forced to share a summary from ISIS.

The video expelled Monday portrays Cantlie as a contributor in a margin describing Kobani. The hostage, dressed in black, appears tighten adequate to a limit to see Turkish flags in a background.

“It seemed roughly like a standup that a CNN match would do in a unfamiliar city,” Peter Bergen, CNN inhabitant confidence analyst, said. “It was designed to uncover that he’s relaxed, that what he’s observant is accurate. But clearly he’s underneath duress.”

Philip Mudd, a former CIA counterterrorism official, described a video as “purely a promotion play.” Even yet it purports to uncover a strength of ISIS, Mudd pronounced a video indeed reveals weakness.

“They’re examination a same media we watch and saying that their pull for Kobani is not going really well. This is a summary to respond to what they perspective as Western media portraying them as losing in Kobani,” he said. “They consider they need to respond.”

The video also includes images of a heavily shop-worn city, filmed by what a heading says is an ISIS drone.

Based on references Cantlie creates in a video, CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh says it appears to have been filmed about a week ago.

In a video, Cantlie describes weapons from a U.S. airdrop that he says done their approach into a hands of ISIS — a explain a organisation also done final week. The airdrops were sent to assistance Kurdish army fighting to urge a city.

A U.S. central pronounced final week that one of 28 bundles forsaken in and around Kobani drifted divided from the aim zone. The U.S. troops pronounced it went behind and bloody it.

CNN’s Jennifer Deaton, Ivan Watson, Holly Yan and Wolf Blitzer contributed to this report.

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