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Hope Solo: ‘Zika’ booing from fans doesn’t worry me

Hope Solo: ‘Zika’ booing from fans doesn’t worry me

U.S. goalkeeper Hope Solo says Zika-related jeers from Brazilian fans don’t worry her.

Solo gave a wide-ranging talk with SI’s Grant Wahl on Thursday, following Team USA’s Wednesday win during a Rio Olympics. During a match, she was booed when touching a ball, with fans chanting “Zika” during her in anxiety to a insect-borne pathogen that has been a vital health subject in a rave to a games. Those chants came in response to a print she posted on Instagram of herself wearing a butterfly net.

Solo, 35, had been outspoken about her concerns — a pathogen affects baby babies and is generally impending for women who are profound or intend to turn profound — though motionless to play in a Olympics.

“I did know they were booing, though it doesn’t impact me,” Solo said. “I came here to do one thing, and that’s to assistance a group win, a nation win. And I’m really focused in doing that. Is it a bummer? we wish people would know that we did my due industry before entrance to Brazil. It was a personal preference we had to make alongside my husband. And it’s not something we only spoke about but removing prepared on. It was something really critical to me since we do wish to start a family.

“The CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] and even a World Health Organization came out and pronounced any profound women or if we intend to get profound anytime soon, we do not advise roving to Brazil. So it’s not like we only done this up. we listened to a CDC. we listened to a World Health Organization. we spoke to experts.”

Listen to a full talk below.

The United States subsequent plays France on Saturday.

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