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Hollywood’s summer of divorce isn’t so tip anymore

Hollywood’s summer of divorce isn’t so tip anymore

This is what a law feels like

Remember a 2015 summer of divorce? Ben and Jen, Gwen and Gavin, Miss Piggy and Kermit. It was horrible. Apparently now it’s a winter of reveals. Gwen Stefani talked to The New York Times in a story Thursday about a morning she found out her matrimony to Gavin Rossdale was over. The gist: After a Grammys she went to eat Mexican with Adam Levine. The subsequent day she woke adult to her life being blown adult by a story so luscious and intolerable that she can’t tell we about it though felt like she was going to die. In a made-for-Hollywood twist, Stefani is now dating Blake Shelton, who separate with mother Miranda Lambert that same comfortless summer. Her exhibit follows Jennifer Garner’s open comments a integrate of weeks ago about her breakup with husband Ben Affleck. “We had been distant for months before we ever listened about a nanny,” a singer told Vanity Fair. As for Kermit and Miss Piggy, he pronounced this month he’s still in adore with her. All is not lost.

unveiled a $1 breakfast menu Thursday. It’s offering 10 breakfast equipment for a sire each, including new additions like a mini skillet play with potatoes and scrambled eggs and a sausage flatbread quesadilla. Light and healthy to start your day, we know?  One thing going for McDonald’s is that its breakfast menu is offered all day. The fight for your morning stomach complain salary on.

The Canadians are here, and whaddya know, a snowbirds brought spring

Check out Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, initial lady of a north, who arrived during a White House on Thursday for a state visit with husband, a just-elected charismatic Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He’s a son of a storied former PM, Pierre Trudeau. Sophie, who’s been compared to Jackie Kennedy, practically popped with color. (Her whole outfit was Canadian, according to Canadian media reports.) Washington is abuzz about a visit, and generally Thursday’s state dinner: It’s the initial one we’ve hosted for a Canadian personality in 19 years.

It’s costly to saint someone. Pope Francis is on it.

Did we know that Pope Francis is approaching subsequent week to announce a date for a canonization of Mother Teresa? And did we know a routine for creation someone a saint is super expensive? Documents leaked 4 months ago suggested abuses and high costs, that can average $550,000. The Vatican responded Thursday with new manners for the whole process. The measures, authorized by Francis, focus on how a Holy See handles applications for sainthood, a extensive routine that involves examining claims done by supporters of a would-be saint. They also bake in some-more organisation and oversight.

#MustRead: USA TODAY NETWORK review of untested rape kits is heading to actual change

A USA TODAY NETWORK investigation published in July identified some-more than 70,000 untested passionate attack kits in a control of some-more than 1,000 law coercion agencies in communities vast and small, indicating to a inhabitant accumulation of untested kits that expected reaches good into a hundreds of thousands. Update: At slightest 20 states are now pursuing changes to a unsuitable ways that rape kits are rubbed by law coercion agencies.

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