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Here’s a map of where Apple and Google are fighting a All Writs Act nationwide

Here’s a map of where Apple and Google are fighting a All Writs Act nationwide

The FBI was means to crack Syed Farook’s iPhone, yet a altogether quarrel opposite encryption is distant from over.

On Wednesday, a American Civil Liberties Union released an interactive map plotting all of a instances where a supervision has compelled Apple and Google to clear a mobile device. Like in a now-vacated San Bernardino case, a ACLU found that supervision has been perplexing to use a All Writs Act given 2008 to force these companies to yield assistance in enormous their customers’ phones. You can check out a interactive map below.

The ACLU was means to lane during slightest 76 reliable cases in 22 states where a supervision practical for an sequence underneath a All Writs Act. In addition, Apple has identified 12 tentative cases in a justice documents, and a ACLU has found one additional box in Massachusetts, nonetheless that one stays unconfirmed since of miss of publicly accessible information.

“The FBI wants we to consider that it will use a All Writs Act usually in unusual cases to force tech companies to support in a unlocking of phones. Turns out, these kinds of orders have indeed turn utterly ordinary,” wrote Eliza Sweren-Becker, an profession for a ACLU.

While many orders are opposite Apple, some orders are opposite Google, too. In 6 states—California, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, South Carolina, and Alabama—the supervision has practical for orders opposite both tech companies. According to a ACLU, many of a cases seemed to branch from investigations relating to drug crimes.

The map also shows that supervision group was obliged for a review that led to a order. Unsurprisingly, many investigations were conducted by a FBI, yet a map shows a few cases brought on by investigations from a Department of Homeland Security and a Secret Service.

Why this matters: This map is visible explanation opposite a government’s evidence that this box was about one iPhone. And it goes to uncover that even yet a San Bernardino box has been vacated, Apple and Google might still have a prolonged quarrel forward of them underneath a All Writs Act.

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